messy fun

ruby wailed and gnashed her teeth until it was painting time today.

she went from one spot to the other spreading her joy
here is James' work...I love his tree
it looks like she's guilty of some horrible crime, no?
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  1. I do hope you and James are ok.... LOL

  2. A paint easle next to a big white wall - you are a brave, brave woman.

  3. I totally second Kari in the fact that you are soooo brave. The thought of my kids painting in the house makes me twitch. ;)

  4. Hi Steph,

    What little artists!!

    I posted some pix on our family's blog. I'll email you soon.

  5. Ooohh I have yet to open the fingerpaints that James got as a gift for his second birthday--I need to get up the courage to do it!

  6. She does look slightly *menacing*!


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