operation: save her from herself

(I look like I smelled something bad here but I hadn't. I think I was having a premonition about what was to come.)

I decided late morning that we should go for a little ride. The kids wanted the zoo playground again and I thought we could make a pit stop at d&s on the way home. Ruby fell asleep on the way. This made me nervous but I decided to be hopeful instead...maybe she will last longer now. heehee.

Our visit began quite pleasantly. I had told them one ride on either the carousel or the train and they both picked carousel, no fighting. After that we had our lunch and they hit the playground. After about an hour we sat down for a snack and our friend Buran arrived with his kids. About 3 minutes later Ruby bit the heck out of my arm because I wouldn't let her polish off the last of the lemonade. About 3 minutes after that, after hemming and hawing and hoping she would calm down, I apologized to Buran and said we'd have to go.

sigh. No nice chat, no dig & save, no nuthin. Just one screaming child and another one resigned to being her brother. And then you know what? She stayed awake the whole.way.home. Whining and crying and shrieking while James drifted off to sleep very sweetly. It worked out for the best, though, I realized as I carried her in. I got her some water (because she WAS SO DAMN THIRSTY) and brought her directly up to her room. All I said was, "Hmmmm. How sad, Ruby." as I laid her down and shut the door.

I just got another love & logic book from the library and was reading it this morning. One of his examples was clearly Ruby and I. Now, Ruby is only 2 and is still getting molars and does go in and out of these awful periods but still! I cannot let her get away with whining and hollering every request. (which she does a lot right now and has been getting a "reminder" from us to ask nicely. yeah, right.) I must deal with this, every time, and teach her an important lesson now that will save her from a lifetime of repulsive behaviour. It is my duty! As her mother!

yuck. I hate having to work so hard as a mom sometimes...to stay on top of things so much. It's so much easier when they are just good, you know? hahaha. But the Love & Logic idea, which I totally agree with, is let them make the mistakes now, when the consequences are small (time in their crib, leaving the zoo), instead of when they're older and the consequences will be far worse. (no friends, fired from job, no friends, kicked out of house, etc.)

(When I write posts like these does it come across that I am half kidding? That I am serious about the issue at hand (ruby's behavior) but joking about the drama of dealing with it? I hope so. It helps me to joke about stuff.)

My pictures are very representative of our first hour at the zoo. If I could have photographed us on the way to the parking lot, it would have looked something like this:


  1. Where is James in the last photo;) Good for you for leaving... it sucks, but I am sure that Ruby will learn from it .... sometime .... right... I have to hope that they learn for my own mental health.

  2. Oh and I forgot, in that photo of you and James you can so see that you have lost weight... you look great.

  3. Stephanie, you cracked me up with the last photo.

    My boys are 12 and 7. Do the work while they are little! It makes life so much better as they get older.

  4. Well, if you're going to act like a frothing wild animal it might as well be at the zoo! Sorry, I totally feel your pain, this too shall pass. Good mommy, go to D&S by yourself as a reward.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, you guys.

    And it's good to know that it works, Mim! :)

    Heidi - I'm going!! :)

    and Zoe...aw, thanks.


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