quilters gone wild

my first stop on Friday:

getting started:the first night, zoe & henry:
a finished halloween banner:
all I could see of kari:
out on the deck, saturday:
our towels hanging up to dry: (I forgot my towel, thus the shirt hanging up to dry)
getting a little messier now: (yes, that is a mixing bowl full of m&ms)
adorable little acorns found on our walk:
large room full of women sewing: (and cutting and talking and snacking and laughing)
the new camp labyrinth: (very zen like but took forever)

I'm not sure if I'll get to a whole recap of our weekend but to sum it up, it was lots of fun. I loved the atmosphere, lots of happy & creative women, the camp was wonderful, the weather was great, and my roomies were awesome. I got a lot done but didn't push myself, just did what I felt like doing. It was neat to get input from my friends on my projects and to see how everyone works. I even sold a scarf and a halloween banner! (to kari & zoe...my best customers.) ;) We did a gift exchange on Saturday night and I thought I'd get stuck with this horrible rose diffuser thing but luckily somebody else stole it from me. whew. I know this is rambly & choppy but I am trying to hurry. Got to go get Jamesy! xoxo


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