ruby's tuesday

and a finished onesie...I am so in love with that little bird.
James & Ruby each got up at 6:30 this morning. James had a fit when we left him at school but had stopped by the time I was at the end of the hall. He kept saying he was too shy for school today. whatever. Luckily Ruby had enough sympathy for both of us. As we were leaving she kept looking over her shoulder at his door and mumbling, "It's alright James, it's alright. We'll miss you."

The girl and I are going to walk down to get him soon (just over a mile) and bring a lunch and his scooter. We'll stop at the park on the way home to eat and they can play a while. I hope it wipes him out so he'll sleep a bit this afternoon. Tired little buddy.

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  1. Love both the sweet sweet shirt and the snoopy one!!! I think Ruby might need a Sweet Sweet shirt after this morning;)


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