settle down now

First, I want to clear things up. I was not saying that the real men in the group, Imagination Movers, make me sick. I'm sure they are wonderful guys. I checked my statcounter and I've had lots of visitors from New Orleans area this morning...that's where that group is from. I'm sure they have it set up so they get emailed links when people mentioning them. (lots of folks do this.) I'm sure it was a wife or a girlfriend or parent stopping by to tell me I make them sick. Understandable, right? I do feel fine saying that their show makes me sick...just like the Wiggles or Dora sometimes make me sick. I was talking about "them" but meant their show...not them personally. OKAY?! As a parent, I'm allowed my opinion.

And to my guys are awesome. Seriously. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  1. You are totally entitled to your own opinion and since this is YOUR blog, you are entitled to say what you want.
    I love this blog and read it everyday!

    And to the anonymous commenter from the prior post, GO AWAY!!!

  2. Ha, I dont even have the first clue who the imagination movers are. LOL

  3. I'll always have your back Steph!

  4. Grrrrrr! Let me at em!!

  5. People are nuts. Hey, if you don't like what Steph says, go somewhere else!


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