Saturday with 4 kids went really, really well. James & Jilly played so good together, Brennan & Ruby each napped for a good chunk (brennan for 4.5 hours, ruby for 3) and the little kids only started attacking each other near the end. I actually got a lot of sewing done while the little ones were napping because James & Jillian were just playing. together. awesome.

Yesterday morning I stayed home for a few hours, listing stuff on etsy, reading & sewing. Then I went to dig & save for a while and did some other shopping errands. James needed a few school supplies so I got those and we surprised him this morning with a new pencil box full of loot. Man, I loved my pencil boxes as a kid. I also spent some time at WalMart checking out those musical cards. HILARIOUS! I must be the last person on the planet to not have looked at those. They are pricey, $5 each, but super funny.

My personal planets aligned again last night when Patrick opened the front door. We sure missed him but I am so glad he went and had some fun with his buddies.

James is off to a new school this morning and I have to go finish getting us all ready to drop him off. Happy Monday. xoxo
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  1. I am so glad it went well. Cute stuff. Have a nice day James!!


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