this just in:

This show makes me sick.

that's all.

I feel better now.

(please see here)
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  1. I do not know who they are, but the photo makes me sick. I do not think I need to know more about them!

  2. This entire blog makes me want to puke!

  3. Anonymous -- Then just get off the blog and go someplace else.

  4. Wow, that seems kind of harsh. I'm wondering why you'd say that? Maybe some constructive criticism would be more useful. Do you really mean to say that you have read this entire blog and didn't find one thing either interesting, informative,or fun? Why then,would someone continue reading? Anyway, we are all intitled to our own opinion.....just remember, negative,judgemental,all or nothing thinking isn't really healthy or helpful. Maybe you can write your own perfect blog, I'd love to read it. This is, in fact, my favorite blog. Go Stephanie.

  5. Anonymous----I wonder why you didn't have the courage to share your name? Or even the address of your blog? Yet you felt that you needed to share your destructive, negative comment with the author of this blog. Just seems like a cowardly thing to do.

    Personally, this is also my favorite blog.

    Oh and Stephanie, Thank you for your blog and for sharing so many wonderful thoughts and ideas and for letting me in on you life!!

    (those guys in the picture are scary)

    and I will use my name on this

  6. Honestly, it was just a silly joke about everyone being sick. Put away the torches and pitchforks for another day. The anonymous commenter walks off into the sunset shaking his head.

  7. Sorry guys, but Stephanie has some loyal fans who love her to pieces. Be careful who you pick on.
    Fan # 1
    (AKA Kristy)
    PS Sue said I shouldn't call then A__ H___ s so I won't.

  8. Kristy, you are awesome. xoxoxo


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