v. fun

off we go:
hot dogs spotted among the reeds:puppy waiting patiently:
throwing rocks:
trying to convince us of something, note shirt tucked into underwear:
this reminds me of that old famous photo, do you know the one?
first crunching of the season:
works with a scooter, too:
the campus is filled with fun spots:
just getting up from a mid-path rest:

Please remind me to do this more often. I love being at home, I love getting together with our friends, but I also love to be outside with just my kids (patrick, too, of course). I am really with them on days like this...not talking to my friends or thinking about the laundry, dishes or blog. Just relaxing, having fun, and hollering at them to stay on the right! Anyways, we had a great day. The weather, as predicted, is gorgeous. It started out chilly but the sun came out and it warmed up but still had a hint of chill...perfect.

I just listed a few things in my etsy shop that I think are fun. We'll see if anyone else does. I am trying to raise my spending money for my trip to Mass in October. Or maybe first for my lesbian quilting weekend (see #3) in September. xoxo

p.s. was this enough pictures, ma?!?!


  1. What a wonderful day you guys had. I know that photo you are talking about. I once read that those where his kids and he made them walk that path all day to get that photo;) I like yours better.

  2. Hey! What IS that picture? I know the one you mean!

  3. I know! I think it's from life magazine but I can't find it online. I know I have it in my clippings file so I may have to dig it out.

    thanks, zoe. ;)

  4. Cute pix! I love being out with just us and the boys. I like having playdates so I can have an adult conversation here and there too (and boys can play with other kids of course), but it always expends more energy than the 3 uninterrupted sentences I get out during the entire playdate anyway. Ha. ;)


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