advent conspiracy

They showed this little clip at church last night and I just loved it. I can't listen to it this morning to comment on anything particular (headphones won't work, no speakers, gah!) but wanted to post it anyways. This is exactly how I feel about Christmas. I want to buy my kids & family gifts, for sure, but also want to make them stuff and enjoy the coziness of the season and remember to share the love that we have been blessed with...for Christmas to be about Christ.

Just typing that makes me feel like such a hypocrite. I totally get into the commercial side of Christmas, I don't want to come across like I don't, but I'm so happy that our church is specifically addressing this this's just what I need. As a parent, I want my kids to have the tree and the presents but, more importantly, to know about Christ and what a gift that little baby boy was (is) to us.

That being said, I will be back later to post about the Holiday Craftacular that Zoe, Kari & I will be selling at on December 6. Hmmmm. Now how do I tie these 2 things together. ?? xoxo


  1. Thank you that was really nice.

  2. Wow. That was great and makes me think. Thank you for that. I have been going over my "shopping list" the last few days and I really needed to hear this!!

  3. I have been feeling this way, too. Thanks for the video. I really enjoyed it (I need to show it to Kal).


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