can I pay someone to think up clever titles for me?

So. James is now sick with the fever that Ruby had at the beginning of the week. She didn't seem as bad but he is older and does have the ability to vocalize every.little.thing. that is bothering him. poor buddy. (I say through gritted teeth.) ;) He feels better today when the ibuprofen kicks in...even that didn't help much yesterday.

I haven't been writing about my life much lately and am kind of sad about that. I guess I haven't been up to putting the time in right now, as the emotional, heartwarming posts like I usually write do take lots of time. Aside from being hot (get it?) here this week, we've been having good times. Lighting candles & electric pumpkins, making muffins and cookies, designing 11 scarves to sew up (yes, I said designing. I watched project runway last night.), having a beer with friends, loving my bunny, meal planning (finally stopped pouting about not being able to add in dairy and got on with it all). Good stuff. The stuff I usually like to go on and on about. sigh. Oh, self-centered blogging, how I miss thee. heehee.

Alrighty then, back to it. Oh yEah! I finally ordered a 4G memory card for my camera. That is part of my dry spell. My pictures make me sad lately. Even when I get a cute shot it's such a low resolution that I can't crop it or anything. This will change in 3-5 business days.

That being said, here are some pictures from this morning.

I moved all of their toys over to this little nook:

Patrick made me promise he wouldn't come home to find the children sewing:James trying to take the thermometer apart:
Ruby running around and around hollering, "what's happening?!?"

A match made in heaven:


  1. 11 scarves?! I better get going on my stuff!


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