fall clean up

I spent ALL DAY, all day, yesterday going through my fabric/clothes bought to cut up for fabric and sorting, cutting, folding all of it. I got rid of 4 trash bags full of scraps/rejects and it felt sooooo good. I've been buying clothes to cut up for fabric for months and months and have just been stacking what I don't use right away down in the basement. It's so much neater without all those sleeves and zippers everywhere. :) Wanna see?

This is all one shelf but I took 2 pictures so you could get the full effect. You're welcome.
Someday I want to organize it by color but I think the chances of that happening are pretty slim. Actually, I think the chances of this staying neat beyond tomorrow are pretty slim but one can hope. I did make a promise to myself that from now on I will cut up my d&s "fabrics" the week after I buy them...before I go buy more!! I also am not going there for the rest of the month (year?!) (not!) except for when my mom is here. I have plenty here to keep me busy for a while, don't you think?

Our local fall clean up is on Wednesday and that is what spurred this purge on. They'll pick up whatever you put out, within reason, and haul it away for free. Anything that was still wearable is going back to d&s but mostly I had scraps to get rid of.

The rest of the weekend was really nice. James & I met Zoe at (where else?) d&s for a while on Sunday before we went to Whole Foods and then met up with Patrick & Ruby for a hike out to Picnic Point. We brought our dinner with and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows by the lake. So lovely. We stayed so long we hiked out in almost complete darkness which the kids thought was really fun and spooky. Pictures later, I have some bills to pay. xoxo


  1. can I have some??

  2. I'm going to add to your mess, I bought you a piece of vintage fabric at St. Vinnie's the other day . . . .couldn't resist!

  3. yay, thanks, Heidi! I will NEVER turn down good fabric. :)


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