happy halloween!

I don't even know how long I've wanted some Gurley Halloween candles. Years, for sure. I have one little snowman that I love taking out each winter and I think my mom might have one Halloween one. Do you, ma? Anyways, I was really happy to find 2 of them at the thrift store yesterday for only $3 each. That is a bargain.

And here are the scarves I (mostly) sewed last weekend and will be listing on etsy soon.

the handy pocket scarf: (don't worry, I'll iron & re-photograph before listing)

I finally found a good way to use the pricey bird fabric I bought last year. I wanted to use more of it on this bag but it seemed like overkill. Here it seems just right.
Here is my beloved polar bear scarf that is staying right here. I wore it yesterday. This bear fabric was in a scrap bag I purchased on etsy and I LOVE it. I ordered some more so I'll probably make another one using it soon. (seester?) I wanted to add the bear stripe on both sides but my pals said only one side and Zoe suggested using the dots on top and bottom. Then I traded Kari for the perfect dots and look what I got! Thanks, guys.
This one is unfinished but I am loving it. Another one that needed a little "something" after it was all done, and Kari suggested stitching in the lines on the brown corduroy to mimic the street lines of the yellow fabric. I love it this way, just need to finish the other brown panel.

That's all I've got for right now. I'm cooking up some chicken to add to some (bear creek) cheese & potato soup to bring to a friends house for lunch...yum! xoxo


  1. I adore the scarves! I'm so happy it is scarf weather....xo

  2. I love the "streets" they came out GREAT!!!!! You also forgot to tell them about the one I got. Which I had on like ALL day yesterday. I love it. I will take some photos soon and put it up on my blog.

  3. Aw, thanks you guys! Zoe, I am so glad you like your scarf. So it was scarf weather yesterday! :)

  4. The roads are perfect! You are sew talented ;)

  5. Steph, these are fantastic!!! You are one talented woman!! I also love the roads!!!


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