I have a feeling I may not be around much for a while. Of course, this could change tomorrow, it's so hard to say. I have myself on a loose schedule of preparation for the Craftacular and as of today, day 2, I am right on track. Of course, this could change tomorrow as well. So I guess what I'm saying is that I may or may not be neglecting this blog for the next month.

I'm super excited to do the Craftacular but I also don't want to kill myself/my kids/my sanity over it. What gets done, gets done. What sells, sells. What doesn't sell is a gift ready to go. :)

Like I said, this is day 2. Perhaps by day 22 my post will sound wholey different. I imagine something like, "OH MY GOSH, if I see ONE MORE scarf or PIECE OF FABRIC I'm going to BARF."

I love the Craftacular poster, here it is:I hope you'll stop by if you're local!



  1. Good luck preparing! I'd stop by if I could.

  2. It sounds like so much fun but we will be celebrating Christmas that weekend with my parents. Have a wonderful time and I hope you sell tons!!! You are going into it with a great attitude so I'm sure you will enjoy it no matter what happens. :)

  3. WOW!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!! (To steal a phrase from my son), "I'm bettin'" you'll do great!!

    By the way, could Ruby get any more ADORABLE??? I LOVE the picture of her wearing the glasses!!

    Well, off to sleep on the couch...been over 2 weeks and the little pumpkin is still. not. sleeping. through. the. night. This one may beat me. He's wearing me down...slowly...one sleepless night at a time...:)

  4. Have fun! I wish I was local--if I were I would DEFINITELY stop in!


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