is this possible?

things I have to do...

before tomorrow:

finish james' costume (easy)
mix cookie dough to chill

um, yes.

before friday:

carve pumpkin - th
make cut outs - w
pick up ruby's costume - th
make/buy something for halloween potluck - th


before thanksgiving:

get haircut
get eyebrows waxed
get flu shots
make dental appts.

for sure.

before dec. 6:

finish making stuff for craftacular

it is what it is.

before dec. 24:

order cards
order calendars
(give praise)
bake cookies
listen to carols
lovingly encourage patrick to finish basement
clean house
hug family

let's hope so!


  1. Hey girl,

    Nice new banner! What the heck though, I must be catching you in the midst of a redesign as your text is all wanky!!! Nicely listed--the parens made me stop and think for a minute about the "why" behind the holiday!

  2. You just say the word, and Ruby's costume will be on your doorstep!

  3. YOU CAN DO IT... YOU CAN DO IT.... YOU CAN DO IT.... I know you can!

  4. allison - thank you! I hope the fonts look better now. :)

    vicki - I know you would...thank you. I am kicking myself because we've been near your house about 10 times in the last 5 days. I will get it tomorrow!

    zoe...thanks. :)

  5. We seem to figure out how to do the things that 'matter', don't we?! So you WILL get all your to do's done; your hubby's basement project, hmmm, that's between you and him :-) XO


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