more fun with james & ruby

James does something weird in his room on most nights. This was a new one. He stripped the bed and built himself a nest over in the corner. Maybe we should turn the heat on tonight.
Here are a few pictures from the playground yesterday. It was deserted except for one other woman and her two kids. James immediately struck up a friendship with little Maya and Ruby immediately tried to PIE-YA her. (backyardigans samurai pie reference that is big around here.)
Why did I get them light sabers?
James stole my hat. He needs a bigger one that fully covers his ears.
(like this?)

the tricks went on forever.why do my kids always lie down in inappropriate places?


  1. Elijah says "Oh I did not know Ruby had a light saver!" I think Ruby just got a little cooler in Elijah's mind;)

  2. Too funny about James. The boys tear the bed apart every night. Blankets are every which way in nests - I think it is a boy thing because I'm not turning on the heat yet- bad mom that I am.

  3. See? this is why I love your kids - lying down in inappropriate places. And light sabers.


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