First of all...thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet wishes on my blogiversary post. I'm super excited to pick a name on Thursday and send a fun little package out to one of you. xoxoxo

We were at the park on Monday afternoon and I couldn't help but notice this huge expanse of leaves just waiting for someone to come by and rake them up. And then throw them all over and jump in them, of course.

We invited some friends to join us and went back yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day and I think it's such a pretty spot. (with the rough & rugged fly fisherman in the background...you would have liked it too, mom. ;)Ruby running:
Zoe brought along Elijah's foam rocket which James promptly launched up into the tree. I do have a rather suggestive pose of Zoe on the hood of her mini van but that is for her husband's eyes only. sorry!

Of course he shot it up into another tree about 5 minutes later. We were trying to get it down with my bottle of diet coke and Kate managed to get that stuck! Can you see it up there? Oh man, that was hilarious.

Can you see Zoe in the picture below?
There she is!
Little Ada:

Of course the big kids mostly wanted to play with that darn rocket and get tremendously dirty sliding down that little dirt path on the side.
Until I lured them to the leaves by hiding paper cups in the pile:
The competition was fierce:
and fun:
And finally, Natalie loving on her little brother:
He liked it:



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