Ruby is sick. She was in our bed last night with a fever and when Patrick went to get her some Tylenol, James came and joined us. Patrick came back up and was like, "wha??" It's amazing how one can turn into two so quickly. (james has a radar about this, we swear.) A little while later Ruby puked all over, inclucing on James, and he never even knew it. We changed the whole bed, and his jammies, while he slept.

Poor Rubles. I have been on the couch with her for the last 3 hours. It sure feels good to cuddle up...until she shoots watered down apple juice all over my face.



  1. Oh no, poor Ruby. I really hope that our sickness from a couple weeks ago in no way got to her!! Let me know if you need anything today, I could drive by with some pedialyte or dropcloths . . . .

  2. Oh yuck. Puke. Shudder.

    Hope she feels better soon.

    P.S. I got your little package last week. yes, I am way late in saying thanks, forgive me? LOL

    Thank you!


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