This weekend could have gone very badly.

It was going downhill right from the start when James woke up in a horrible mood on Saturday. I was tired, he was naughty and Patrick was (still) sleeping. We had planned on a fun! family! outing! to a local carnival & parade but sadly, doing something fun with my family was the LAST thing on my mind. I called Zoe to see if I was still welcome at her house for some crafting and told Patrick that I would take Ruby. (more like snottily told Patrick, or maybe even huffed or yelled it at him) A while later James came out of his bedroom time as a different boy. I thought about calling Zoe back to cancel but then just took James with me instead. (he could play with Zoe & Kari's boys.)

It was a nice morning, sewing & talking Craftacular business, and we headed home after lunch for the parade. Kate & Natalie came to meet us and we took the kids to the carnival afterwards...this was a lot of fun. I had never brought James to a parade before and it was awesome watching him dive for candy. It was a gorgeous afternoon and I really enjoyed the walk back to our house in the sunshine.

Saturday night gets a little foggy. Oh yeah! I got irritated with Patrick again, as I'm sure he did with me, so we were both grouchy. He hasn't had to work many extra hours in the past months and they are under a deadline now so the last few weeks have been busy for him. (and for me.) This coupled with his (continued) WoW habit (that leaves him extra sleepy on top of his extra hours at work) kind of came to a boiling point this weekend. sigh. Over the last 13 years I have learned a few things that don't work so well with Patrick. (nagging, disrespect & general disgust are included in this list.) From time to time I still like to give them the old college try but always get the same results...a crabby husband who is sick of me. :) So that is how Saturday ended. (we didn't go to sleep angry...just creeped out by each other.) (is that worse?)

Anyways, he got up this morning and went to work. (part of what I was pouting about yesterday.) I did get him a sprinkled donut for the drive which I think earned me some points. He said he wasn't sure if he'd be able to meet us for church at 4:30. growl...he lost some points. Kate came over and I was happy to have someone to listen to me complain for a while.

I'd like to insert an aside here: I don't usually b*tch about my husband for fun. I am usually first to tell an embarrassing story about him but only the ones that he expects me to tell. (which is a lot of them) Man bashing is not a game for me and while it can sometimes be hilarious, it just makes me feel guilty. And, I really don't have much to say about my husband. He is not perfect but God, do I love and respect him. That being said, there is also nothing wrong with talking to a friend when you are feeling down. As the day went on my focus changed from being mad that I was home with the kids again to feeling sad because I miss him. (and because I was home with the kids again, but just a little bit of that.)

I called him at 3:00 and he said he'd meet us! We got ready and were all so happy to see him when we got to church. During the opening songs I laid my head on his shoulder and a few minutes later he slipped his arm around me. happy sigh. Guess what I did then? zzzzzzzz. Yup. I slept through almost the entire service next to my bunny.

I feel bad about sleeping through church (and my favorite pastor!) but I think God understands. That hour of sitting quietly (one of us more quietly than the other) beside each other softened our hearts. I know that he will try a little harder (he already is) and I will try a little harder (I already am) and that by Friday (their ship date & deadline) we'll both be exhausted but that it will be over.

(except for WoW but I have almost come to see WoW as a part of the family.) (A fake fiendish elfin part of the family that I know nothing about but still a part of the family that I put up with because my husband loves it...kind of like an old dog that farts or something.)


  1. I glad that the weekend ended well,but sorry that it was bad after you saw us. I was hoping that it would be ok after that.

  2. We had a weekend sort of like that around here too. I think we are fetting squirelly with each other because winter is coming up. That, and he wouldn't let me stop at D&S Sunday afternoon when all the kids were asleep in the car. Now that's just asking for a sour puss wife!

  3. Oh my dear Steph, I love you! You write so well and I love being able to hear what's going on with you guys! (Gram LOVES the pics!) I hope Ruby is feeling better! I know the feeling of being puked/pooped/peed on.... no fun! Eeuuww! LOL! I really admire and respect how you and Patrick are together, you're both so awesome! You're one of the people in my life that I hope I can be like cuz u rock! My love to y'all, xoxo me

  4. are so sweet. xoxo give gram a big hug for me.

    heidi - what?! that would turn me into a sour puss for sure. :)

    zoe - ah, well, it's a new week. :) thank God.

  5. Gram sends a hug back! xoxo And give those adorable kids a hug from me & Gram too.


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