I'm not feeling so hot tonight. Well, I am actually feeling a little bit better now, after finishing some leftover pumpkin pancakes for my dinner, but am still kind of run down. I think my frightening energy levels yesterday have something to do the complete lack of energy today. My basement is awesome. Awesome in a basement-y way, mind you, nothing too fancy. And my mom isn't going to believe this but ALL of my laundry is DONE and AWAY. If you were here last weekend you would see why this is such a big freaking deal.

Here are my good things for today, October 23, 2008:

1. pumpkin pancakes (just a Target mix but with real butter & syrup...oooooooh.)
2. going to mpls. for thanksgiving...seeing my family & being with my husband for 4 days
3. having my family come here for Christmas
4. planning my totally james safe cookie tray for Christmas
5. remembering my little granny and all the cookies she baked for us xoxoxoxoxoxo
6. remembering last weekend with my mom...lots of fun, thanks mom xoxoxooxxo
7. rain tonight, feels cozy, perfect for my sweats
8. did I mention my clean basement?
9. tomorrow is friday
10. james will be in kindergarten next year. sometimes this makes me want to sob, other times it makes me dance a jig
11. p: (yesterday morning, hugging me while surveying our trashed house) what are you going to do today, bunny?
s: (looking around, like ISN'T IT OBVIOUS?!?)
p: (pause) sew?

good night! pics tomorrow, promise. xoxoxo


  1. oh, I laughed and laughed about your conversation with Patrick.


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