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This book is different, but good. Not good enough for me to keep reading it every night, though. Kind of "last resort" good:

ruby's version of the cover:This book is fantastic. I just finished it a little while ago after letting ruby watch TV all morning. I need to find the series created by the BBC now:
This book looked & sounded really good but reads really trashy. Not going to finish it:
This book is lovely but I had forgotten what a creepy story this is:
This is my go-to workout when I want to feel like I did something but am too lazy to commit to anything longer. The workouts are great and you can do more than one if you are feeling peppy:
I just got this yesterday from the library and was so excited to try it. I did the core section last night and was not let down. My abs are hurting in ways that are new to them. Thanks, Jackie.
On a final and totally unrelated note, look at these adorable candy bar molds I found! I made this recipe for white chocolate last night and it worked like a charm. Too bad it doesn't taste very good. Too sweet for sure...I'm going to try less sugar & more powdered soy milk next time. Love the molds, though.


  1. oohh, that zoo book looks perfect for me!!

  2. Love the molds! Man--I wish my abs were hurting . . . but I guess I would have to do some situps first!! Do you taste test the chocolate before or after your workout??

  3. yay to your burning abs! that Jackie sure looks fit :)


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