God's playground

Ruby & James were both whining as I drove us to Picnic Point yesterday afternoon. James wanted to watch TV and eat candy (not kidding) and Ruby wanted to go to a playground. I told them we were going to GOD'S playground to hush them up and it worked. Until we got there. They both started in again and moments after picture #1, they were both whining. I lured them into the forest with fruit snacks and by the time we got to the first fire pit they were having fun. I love it there...it was a gorgeous day and felt so good to be out in it.

I've been in survival mode this last week. I've hardly seen Patrick...he's been working, sleeping, or tending to the kids in between so I can have a break. I think they are FINALLY shipping their scopes today so this will be over soon. (fingers & toes crossed) It's been a mostly good week...I've been prioritizing in order to keep all of us happy. Luckily, I am in an cleaning & organizing mood and the kids seem to like when I am busy like that so they've played well and I've gotten a lot done. Of course, there have been moments of anguish and bitterness but not that many. :) (at least not for me. those 2, though, love to fight these days.)

Today I plan on sending them outside, sitting in my favorite spot (right by the doors to the back yard), and playing with some felt. I am way behind on my original crafty plan for the show but am okay with that. I've been playing around with some new ideas in my spare moments and it's been nice. I also get to go to Kari's house on Saturday and sew my heart out. Yay!

A note about the pictures: I've been taking my pictures in the high quality mode again (yay, memory!) so you can click on any of them to see them bigger. xoxo


  1. these pictures/kids are just SO perfect. thank-you for making my day sweetheart.
    xoxoxo mama/gramma


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