good afternoon

Ruby complained the whole way to church yesterday afternoon.

R: I don't want to go to the orange room!
S: But Ruby, you have so much fun there.
R: No!
S: You make all that fun stuff, remember? The fishie, the sheep, the puppet?
R: I don't wanna make nuthin'!

1.5 hours later...

R: Mama, mama! Lookit! I made a mirror!!


I'm sorry mother but there aren't any other pictures to add to this post. We had a great weekend. Patrick was home all weekend!! Yay! He watched the kids so I could have Saturday to myself. I spent the day with Kari, talking and was really, really fun. (thank you, Kari!) Yesterday we stayed in all day until church, all of us just at home. ahhhhhh.

I am busy sewing today, too, so I'm not feeling very chatty. See you tomorrow. xoxo
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