halloween in a photographic nutshell

cut outs, the first batch:
don't they look good??

ruby, rolling them out:good thing my sewing machine is right there:
earlier on this day, james had on camo pants with that tank top. he looked like ted nugent.

my new favorite spot to sit:
the halloween party starts here:
james loved these:
waiting:ruby's out of there:
most of the kids:
james, receiving his loot:
going through their loot:
at home, after the party:
ruby, too:
me matey!
the bat pumpkin:
some of the neighborhood gang:
jamesy bo bamesy:
getting treats from miss kitty (aka rachel):

I have some hilarious movies of our cookie experience. I'll post them soon. xoxoxo


  1. thanks for inviting us to such a great Hallowe'en celebration!!

  2. What a FULL day you and your littles had! They looked adorable & it looks like they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Funny--I used nutshell in my post title too--what do they say about great minds? BWaaahahaha! (evil cackle)

  3. I love kids asleep in their carseats.

  4. Theses pics brought back SOOOOO many memories of you and I on halloween!!! Brought tears to my eyes! I'm jealous (in a good way) you are SO lucky! I'd be your nanny for free if I could! xoxo


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