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S: I'm sad because there were 2 things on Craigslist that I really wanted for Ruby and I didn't get them.
P: What? A tranquilizer gun and a bear trap?
S&P: hahahhahahhahahhahaha
P: A Hannibal Lecter mask and a cage?
S&P: hahahahhahahhahahha!


S: (finishing up Away in a Manger before bedtime)
R: Mom, I will give the little Lord Jesus a toy. And part of my cracker.


R: I'm almost a boy, Mom! Then I will be a dada and GO TO WORK.
S: (quietly, to self) promise?


I know I had some cute James stuff to remember but I forgot it. sigh. Maybe it will come to me later.

I took Ruby & myself to Starbucks and the thrift store this morning. It was very nice and I was happy to get out for a while. My neighbor's son is here for the afternoon so I knew we'd be in the rest of the day. I usually am happy to stay home every other day and today was a GET OUT day. I am awfully predictable.

We have been working on decorating for Christmas a little bit every afternoon. James & I go digging around in the basement once Ruby is down for her nap...he LOVES it and is very excited to be helping. It's fun to see what he remembers already.

I am really happy with how this turned out. I got this huge gift bag at Target last year at 75% off. I loved it and was just going to hang it on the wall by the handle but then had the idea to put it in this frame. It was a little small so I cut a border from some red fabric I had. So cute!!! eek! It's one of those things I keep looking at because I love it so much. (James says it's adorable. Patrick says he's hanging out with me too much.)
Have I told you about my daughter, Ruby? Well, Ruby & vintage glass ornaments don't mix. In order to enjoy my favorite old balls (hehe) and some favorite new ones (polka dots are from martha last year) I am fashioning a valance of sorts in my kitchen window. They look so pretty and are another thing that makes me happy to see. I have about half left (tying them is putzy and I am impatient) and am then going to weave some vintage mini garland around the top of the tension rod.

My kids need to eat. Seriously, it's after 1pm. What is wrong with me?! Oh yeah, they had a few beef sticks at noon so they're fine. ;) xoxo


  1. remember the year we broke vintage ornaments within 5 minutes while we were decorating my 50's tree, so we quit for the day???

    do you really think she won't find a way to get at those ornaments on the window? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....denial is such a self-defeating pastime honey.......just make everything paper this year and save yourself a lot of heartache and her a lot of time hearing you say "Ruby, that's not working for mommy".
    anyway, the picture is adorable! good job, bob. call annie, she was/is sick, poor baby.
    ok, back to work. love you all, mama

  2. hey, they left out several things in my comment.....there is supposed to be a #3 in the first line between broke and vintage, and the word denial is supposed to go just following the hahahaha part...sheesh

  3. Framing the bag was a cute idea.

    You've just reminded me that Jack refused lunch. Surely he is hungry by now?

  4. Seester~that is soooo cute. Good idea!I'm going to copy you!!

  5. Love the "window treatment". Let's hope Ruby doesn't decide to climb up there.

  6. LOL.... is Ruby that wild? Love your x-mas decor! How high is that window? (crash) Hee hee hee :) xoxo

  7. GENIUS!!! Creative GENIUS!!!
    I LOVE your ideas!! I bet your home looks so wonderful and Christmasy and cozy!!!

    Thanks for sharing pictures of all your great ideas!!!!!


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