hiding out

I let James stay home from school this morning because of the snow and I'm so glad I did. It's almost gone!
Lots of sunshine out there. (never a bad thing, unless you are an almost 5 year old boy who only wants to play in the new snow.)

In typical Monday fashion, a list:

  • I fell asleep at 6:30 Saturday night and slept until 7:00 Sunday morning. awesome. needed it.
  • Patrick took the kids out Saturday morning so I could have some time here alone to sew. I spent nearly all of it making homemade bias tape. (ala bend the rules sewing) It was complicated (at first) and time consuming but turned out soooo pretty. Then I realized I didn't really need tape cut on the bias so today I spent, oh, about 15 minutes making lots of straight binding. (ala alicia) Live and learn.
  • The kids love Dick's Sporting Goods. They both became quite comfortable with escalators last night.
  • Patrick made me hot chocolate last night at midnight. The diet coke at dinner/afternoon nap combo (yes, I slept even more on Sunday) left me WIDE awake until then. The cocoa did the trick...I was sleeping within minutes.
  • Patrick has to go out of town again. sigh. I'm happy for him (because he made something awesome that they are installing for one of their biggest clients) but sad for me because it is NEXT WEEK. The week before my crafty debut.
  • BUT! I am right on track with my ALL NEW to-do list. I made it up last night and am ahead of the game as of right now. There is also a little elf up in Duluth doing some handiwork for me. xoxo
  • Here's a hint: Make up to do lists as you go along, that way you are always right on track!
  • Strangely, on my new list last night I left T-W-Th blank...planning ahead for whatever might happen. And it already happened! That's cool.
  • Going to the Cities on Wednesday! Get to see tons of people we love, stay in an awesome hotel, shop at ikea, and have turkey! So fun!!
  • James & Ruby played a new game today: James was the Dad and Ruby was the baby and the baby had to take her nap in a very dark room, over and over. The baby would only talk to her Dad and would not leave her room. Um. Wait a minute. How did they figure out the one game I had only ever dreamt of them playing?!?
  • For clarification...James didn't get burned during our Great Marshmallow & Candle Adventure. He got singed. He was fine 30 seconds later, just smelled a little charred. (haha!)

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