i was lying.

I did take this little gem on the way to church yesterday.

Come on, I get bored, it's a long drive!

Will someone please make me go get my eyebrows separated?!
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  1. your eyebrows are a fright.....
    what were you doing in that picture anyway?
    weirder and weirder..........my little family.
    with love, in spite of it all,
    mama mawanza

  2. G I R L!!!!!!! I am afraid to click on the pic to enlarge it!!! I used to be such an eyebrow wax slave pre-Ella--and now I just can't make it happen!!!

  3. HAHAHAHA, Allison, you made me laugh.

    Mom, you made me cry. (heehee) xoxo

  4. LOL.... c'mon Steph, they're not that bad! I always think u r beautiful, unibrow or not. :) If I can do it myself u could.... hee hee hee..... they're called tweezers sweetie. love u xoxo


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