thursday update

The last couple nights James has wanted to exercise with me. We got home from a fun dinner out at the mall (ha!) last night and this is what he wanted to do. I put on the lower body workout as I had never seen it and half-heartedly joined him. How could I tell him mama had already done upper body earlier and was therefore done getting stronger for the day?

You can see Ruby there, tangled up in my resistance band. It is pretty funny to watch the 2 of them trying to keep their balance while doing side lunges. To be honest, it's pretty funny watching all 3 of us. Shortly after this picture was taken James shed his pants. Whooee, he said, I sure am getting warm.


Ruby & I were invited to a playgroup with local moms this morning. I really like Wendy, the one that invited us over (her daughter is in school with James) and it was fun to meet some other women and their 2 year olds. Their 2 year olds who are all much sweeter than Ruby. sigh. They assured me that their kids turn bright red and let steam out of their ears too, but I'm not so sure I believe them. At one point this sweet little blond girl gave Ruby the inflatable Dora that she had been begging for since the other girl picked it up. We were all praising this other girl for sharing and one mom said, "Yeah, so-and-so is just an ANGEL." We silently looked from this angelic child, smiling sweetly over her good deed, to my messy haired red head, busy hauling away the life size Dora like some sort of big cat after a kill. That's my girl! I thought to myself and checked the clock.

I was happy to be included today and hope that we'll continue to meet up with some of these women. Today also really made me appreciate the friends in our lives already. I always do appreciate them but it's not always so glaringly clear what a HUGE gift it is to have them. To know them & their kids, to be able to be myself with them and to (usually) not have to be embarrassed about what my kid just did. Thanks guys. xoxo

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  1. I heart Ruby, she's a treasure. How's it going on the home front? Let me know if you're bored, we're always around.

  2. thanks, Heidi.

    We are bored today but I am also lacking ANY motivation to get us dressed, etc. You?

  3. I used to "work out" with gramma to Jack Lalane at James age. LOL Again I LOVE the way you write Steph!! Your description of Ruby hauling off the dora doll is awesome, too funny! xoxo

  4. Yeah, OK, so now I remember working out with my Mom to her Jane Fonda tapes, LOL.

    I had a rough spell with a playgroup back in Vegas. I hope yours continues to be a positive experience for you. Once when I got back from a playdate completely steamed, I looked up "bad playgroup experience" on Google and found a blog called "Playgroups are No Place for Children." HA HA!!!!

  5. Oh. Yeah. There's no way you could hang around with ME kids have always been ANGELS. Smirk.


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