J: Mom, what's this? (holding up an unwrapped tampon)
S: James, put that back. Why did you open that?
J: But what issssssssss ittttttttttttt?
S: (thinking) Alright, I'll tell you. Older women get something called their period every month. During my period, blood comes out of my coochie (HAHAHAHA, I'm kidding, I said vagina) and I use one of those to stop the blood.
J: oh. (turns and walks quickly away, conversation over, hasn't been mentioned since.)

heehehehehehhehehehehheee. He might not be asking me any questions for a while. heheheheheheee.


  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha - that is too funny.

    Reminds of a conversation I had with Ally just a few days ago about birth control pills. I'll tell you next time I see you.

  2. HAHAHAHA!! This was priceless. Good for you for telling him straight. I still haven't really explained what they are for to my daughter. Hey, isn't that what the fourth grade movie is for? (Kidding!)

    I think that is the standard male response--ignore, unless of course they are asked to purchase them at the store. My hubs requires a detailed description, possibly even wants to see the empty box too.

  3. ok, i totally say Cooch. I accidentally used it once and it's all Sophie says. I'm a horrible parents.

  4. ps- you may be into this!

    I love the knotted caps, and you can sew! I need to get sewing for Xmas. Your trees inspire. Love the new header.

  5. I'm laughing so hard I can barely type this! I did the same thing to Gramma when I was little! I just shared this with her and now we're both laughing like crazy! That's perfect! Then Gram brought up your other story about James and the jacket/heater and we laughed even more! Remind me sometime to tell you what else I found of Grams at that age! We love you! xoxo Gram & me

  6. You rock to tell him the truth. I keep putting it off with Elijah. I think next time I am just going to tell him and then he will stop asking to, (but it might back fire when he starts telling everyone that I have my period;)

  7. When my kids ask me that question, I'm calling you and putting them on the phone for an explanation.

  8. Oldest pulled one from my purse, once, twenty years ago and yelled at me for carrying snacks without telling him.

  9. Micah, at about two, pulled a bunch of these out of my purse and played with them in the middle of the aisle at church before I realized what he'd found...


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