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so, I was trying to publish a post about my darker side and I ROYALLY messed up something with how my blogger screen appears to me. It's teeny tiny! And I can't fix it. harumph. Anyways, this was an email I sent to someone this morning and I thought I should share it here. You know, just so you don't think I'm always so pollyanna-ish. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

dear _______, so, do you like them? if so, how much would you pay for them? be honest. I want to price to sell. (but if you say $1 I will kick your plugged up vegan ass)

xoxo, skg
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  1. i love your darker side. you can growl at me anytime. I wish I could go to D&S today, I just feel like doing some mindless digging for gold.

  2. LOL! You're awesome Steph, even your dark side.... I remember it well.... I'm laughing really hard right now.... all the fights we had over little people and such. :)


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