for my mother

My mom said she wanted to see every single thing I have for the craft show. Here is some of it, Mom. Maybe more later??

So James spent yesterday afternoon at Kate's house and I spent it in my silent kitchen, finishing up a few banners while Ruby napped. (peaceful sigh) Heidi offered to have them over today and I accepted. Again, James will go over after lunch while Ruby naps. This will give me some time to get my final cookies sprinkled and my price signs made. After that I won't have much to do but load the car! I'm really thankful to my friends for helping out. It's hard for me to ask for help sometimes but it feels so good when I do and it is so graciously given. xoxo (and not to get all deep but that last sentence could apply to my life in soooo many ways!)

I'm praying Patrick makes it home safely tonight. And seriously, I am so sick of being on the verge of tears. Just about anything could make me cry and that is pretty unlike me. Am I just tired? Nervous? Excited? Missing Patrick? Sick of my kids? (heehee...they've been pretty darn sweet this week except for all their fighting!) And why do I keep waiting until late morning to have some coffee?!?!


All my posts might be kind of crazy today, just letting you know in advance.
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  1. What's wrong with crazy posts??? You have been getting a thousand crazy emails from your crazy craft show organzier so that probably doesn't help!!

    I adore the cookies. SOOOOO cute...

  2. Oh Steph, those cookies are ADORABLE!!!!!!!
    I thought they were real!
    All of your items look perfect!!
    I'll be praying for you!!

  3. I would have thought the cookies were real if I hadn't noticed Jolees comment! Those are the cutest things Steph!! If you have any left over I may have to buy one from you!!
    Not sure why you're on the verge of tears lately, hope things get better. I do know the feeling though, I'm on the verge of tears constantly right now.

  4. GOSH that stuff looks fabulous! You are going to do so well!


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