get up, it's FRIDAY!!

I don't have a lot of time and I know my mom is pissed sad because I was absent yesterday so here are some pictures.

trimming their mini tree:I've made a few changes since I took this but the entertainment center decor is finally coming together. (man, I can't wait to ditch this behemoth.)

I have to say I LOVE my felt sweater banner. There will be more of these next year. A favorite vintage card of mine. Can you believe I actually mailed these out one year? What was I thinking?!?! (kidding.) (kind of.)

I've been wanting to write a loving post about James at 5 but I don't think it's going to happen. Let's just say that I'm crazy about this boy. He's hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, funny, clever and so fun to be around. On the flip side, he is also experimenting with fiery indignation & sarcasm. Sometimes I find it hard to discipline him for being sassy because what he said was so spot on.

(Patrick is laying next to me, still not out of bed, and casually asked if I made pancakes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Has he missed the children brawling for the last hour??) Then he said the eggs I made him earlier in the week were the best he ever tasted. he's so cute. Then he told me not to blog about this. whatever.)

See the new suitcase tucked under there? love.

I forgot to tell you about this vintage lamp I also got at d&s on Monday. It was $1 and I love it. Luckily I had a red shade down in the basement to complete this whimsical holiday display. (barf. I'm kidding...I hate the word whimsical) (exhausted elf on a pile of plastic greenery also from d&s)I also love the reflection of my balls in the morning: (heehehehehhe)
James & I wrapped gifts yesterday afternoon. After the first one he didn't want my help and finished the other 5 I had to do.
I love the concentration.
And then Ruby woke up and they helped me make dinner. A dairy free tater tot hotdish!!! That is really good!!! You might scoff, but I love me some totdish. I tried making it with Golden Mushroom soup (Campbells, it's dairy free) and Tofutti sour cream...soooo good. I don't like a lot of soy stuff but I'm finding the Tofutti sour cream & cream cheese both have a mild flavor and are really good in stuff.

Okay, gotta go! xoxox


  1. Your Christmas balls reflection reminded me of the Schwetty Balls skit on SNL. If you haven't saw it before you MUST google it and watch it. So, hilarious and a Christmas classic. :) I'd post a link to it on my blog but my kids read my blog, sometimes when I'm not around, so I can't take the chance of them following the link, even though they wouldn't really get it.


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