I did it! I got everything finished, wrapped, packaged and mailed yesterday morning. Just in time, too, as our post office closes for lunch (I know, can you believe that?) at 11:30...I got there at 11:20. :) My cards aren't done yet but I might get those finished today. We are probably snowed in for the day. It's sunny out but we did get a lot of snow last night. (8inches?)

After the great mail-off we met some friends at a McDonald's PlayPlace and ended up staying for nearly 3 hours. I had a really nice time, we were all happy to see our buddies. I brought the kids home and all 5 of us then slept until 5pm. (patrick was working downstairs (!!) but was totally down with the nap idea) When we got up the snow hadn't started yet so we decided to, what else? Go to Target. We stocked up on baking supplies and frozen pizza for the big storm. I should have bought some DayQuil. My cold reached a new level today leaving me feeling a little fuzzy. I am always amazed at how often I can blow my nose. Seriously!! It's sick. (haha, get it?)

Anyways, here is the shoulder bag I made using a great tutorial from tiny happy:

2 simple bibs using this tutorial:

and a couple more of Ruby's recent set-ups:

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