it's almost 11pm

What am I still doing up?? Well, in case you didn't know, Christmas is next week and I realized this morning that I had some sewing I wanted to do for some people that live far away. I know, I'm shaking my head at myself.

I did get 2 of the gifties done (and watched Top Chef) and only have one wee one to finish in the morning. My goal is to get all packages in the mail tomorrow...all 7 of all of my cards finished and sent.

The stuff I have been doing has been so much fun I haven't really been paying attention to my to do list. I think of it like this: having Patrick home on vacation is like a vacation for me as well, so I've been enjoying it as much as I can. I love having him around....even when he puts the rugs back in the wrong spot and puts my good shirts in the dryer. :)

But really, I do need to snap out of it now and get that stuff mailed! Christmas is next week!!! xoxo


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