just a quick pop in...

Hi! I am just popping in to let all my sweet friends know that Saturday was really fun! Thank you to everyone who stopped by & called or emailed. xoxo

I really liked doing the show and think I'll definitely do it again. I'll take more time this week to talk about what did & didn't sell (allllll those wee trees!) and show you all the fun stuff I bought & traded for.

We've got a sick Ruby and a brand new 5 year old here today. The husband is home and the bacon is done. Life is good. xoxo


  1. Happy new five year old!

    Feel better Ruby!

  2. Happy birthday, James!! FIVE!!!
    Can I buy me a tree? Because I love those trees. So happy it went well.

  3. Happy happy Birthday James!!!! Can you believe he is 5????

    I'm so glad the show went well!! I can't wait to hear the details!!!!

  4. thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone! :)


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