lookin' good

This is James with his new typewriter. It works! We just need a new ribbon. (this is how James likes to pose these days. Now that he's 5, you know.)
Here is a look at some of the awesome goodies I got on Saturday with a few of my other favorite things thrown in:

Bottlecap ornament from the lovely Naomi of Glitter Workshop:

glass birds I got at Target this year:
felt cherries from feltmates: (this is a cel phone charm but I am using it as an ornament)
I traded with Lily of ten finger workshop for the birthday girl and the robber (or roger, as james says) The little blonde girl I bought early in the day because I couldn't resist her...I'm so glad I got the courage up to ask Lily if I had anything she might want at the end of the show. :)
love the braids:
My mom beaded some of my cookies for me (the elaborate ones) and this one was my favorite so I kept it as an ornament. There will be more of these next year...love them. I have a new fun idea I want to try, too!
Here is my little buddy from yesterday. Perfect, no?
My darling stockings from Kari. Love these. Keeping them both. I'm rotten. :)
This I got years ago when I did an ornament swap through the glitter boards on the original getcrafty website. I LOVED it then and love it even more now that I can fully appreciate all the work she did. (but I don't know who she is...are you out there??)
My other favorite from the glitter swap that year. Love it.
We are snowed in today. Patrick took the van, as it is great in the snow, so we are REALLY snowed in. (hyundai is here in case of emergency and I need to leave with the kids and get stuck on my way somewhere immediately. ha!)

We are going to make cookies and play outside. And drink coffee. I thought I had gone off of coffee but really it was just that the last Foldgers I bought was gross. I got a package of Caribou morning blend and it is seriously SO GOOD. Coffee & I are in love once again. (cue dramatic music)



  1. All your treasure are adorable!! I love handmade ornaments. Are you going to put them on your tree? If so, take a pic and post it.
    I thought I was the only one grossed out by Folgers coffee lately. I wonder if they are doing something different. I bought the Dunkin' Donuts brand and love it!!
    Happy Snow Day!! :)

  2. I didn't know you "glittered"! We must pass each other over there?

    I love those felt cookies. Too damn lazy to make any, but they would be so cute on jack's tree...

    I bet James is going to love that typewriter.

  3. I LOVE the candy cane guy!!! Man when I got to D&S I never find gems like that! I need to get there it has been wayyyyyy to long:)

  4. can i have the felt cherries???

  5. LOL!! Gram has that same typewriter sitting here collecting dust! Oh well, hope he has fun! I missed his B-day! :( Tell him I said Happy B-day and I love him please! My love to Ruby doo too! Those little people are awesome!!! I LOVE the candy cane boy, got one similar years ago.... where is it?!?! Lost in my sea of deco! LOL! xoxo me
    stupid thing wont let me sign in!?

  6. So many nice ornaments! I really like the stockings.

  7. thanks for sharing the ornament porn!


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