messy fun

These are a couple shots from some messy fun we had last week. Ruby & James both loved painting on the tiny canvases (bought on sale at JoAnn's for around $2) and James in particular was quite taken with the pipe cleaners. **Another reason why I love d&s...I pick up all the random art stuff I find and just let them at it.
As usual with Ruby, clean up took as long as the painting.

Here is my last minute Advent calendar that I made for the kids. I had it all planned out but was so tired on the 30th (the night we got home from Mpls) that I didn't spend a whole lot of time decorating the bags. Thank God for stickers. I filled the little sacks with fruit snacks, allergen free chocolate stars, holiday marshmallows, a few dollar spot trinkets, and coupons for things like putting up the tree, decorating the gingerbread house from gramma, dinner out, etc.

Today was bag #10 and James was all, "I already had candy canes!"
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  1. ok, forget everything else I ever asked for for Christmas......ALL I want is a "canvas" by each of the kids.if there isn't enough time before Christmas, just have them do one some other time,please? What a wonderful idea honey, you are the best! Please excuse sucking up :) I REALLY want a painting.
    your mama who gave you birth after an extremely long and painful/traumatic labor. XOXO

  2. What a great Advent idea. Love Ruby's purply fingers.

  3. Great post! Are Ruby's legs in the sink? OMG I can't stop laughing!

  4. OH AND . . . am I silly? Why can't I find any of your homemade things on your Etsy shop?

  5. Great idea for Advent! I might have to do it next year.

    I think you might have to help your mom out after all that labor;)


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