the one thing about blogging that i am tired of is coming up with titles

James & I had a rough start this morning but I think I handled it pretty well (after the initial burst of hollering...oops.) and I have high hopes for the afternoon. It's snowing out and our house feels very cozy. (the coffee & banana bread help) I have stuff for dinner so we don't have to go out unless as a sanity saver later this afternoon. Patrick's equipment got delayed so he has to stay in S.C. another day, returning on Friday now. I am praying for good weather so he actually gets home on Friday. Hello?! Saturday is the Craftsmackular! (as Jessica named it) I'm not even going to worry about that yet. eek.

We went to Zoe's last night for dinner and to set up our table for the show. It was so fun, thanks Zoe! We had a nice dinner and some good wine: Relax
(It's around $8 and comes in this tall & beautiful blue bottle.)

Thankfully, both of my kids napped yesterday so they were in good spirits for a late night. After dinner we got to work while they played. I love our stuff! It was so fun seeing it all laid out. fun, fun, fun. Here's a sneak peek:

This is not how we are going to have scarves will not be in a big heap. :) This is just one end of the table...there is a LOT more where this comes from. I didn't get a good picture of the whole table but will for sure on Saturday.

I hope to post again later to get some more Thanksgiving memories down before they are gone forever. xoxox

p.s. gratuitous ruby & ada shot of ruby trying to see where the kitty went. (away from her!)


  1. It was a great night and the kids were all great! Thanks for coming.

  2. Hi sweetheart,
    Sorry I haven't been able to tell you all about Gramma yet, but you need to know that all our prayers were answered, and more. So sweet.........
    Anyway, the craft items look just wonderful....I'll have one of each please (you pay, of course :)
    Are you nervous? It dosen't seem like it. Have you stopped @ Target by any chance? We can talk about that later.......I have a plan B anyway... I have to run, it's been SO busy this week, I can't wait for Sat. just to relax and breathe again. Kiss J and R, ok? Patrick will arrive safely home. XO mama


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