what up, dog?

I am so lame...not posting all day!! I know, I know. But, it was an awfully nice day even though I was home with 2 coughing and runny nosed children. Well, home except for our 2 hour trip to d&s. Boy, did I miss that place. I think it had been 3 weeks since I was last there...that felt like forever!

I got some awesome things: a brown vintage suitcase with leather handle, another vintage pie tin (I collect old ones with brand names imprinted on them), tons of older ribbon (in the vintage suitcase when I opened it up...I know!), a large pewter candle holder and I think that was it. Oh no! A tiny little Made In Japan candy cane striped elf. I love him so much.

The funny story of the day is this: At d&s James was looking at a small vintage aqua typewriter. An older woman walking by started talking to him about it and they had a nice conversation. This same woman had commented on Ruby earlier when she was dancing in the aisle with a plastic pitcher and cup in her hands. Remember, both of my kids are sick. They were wearing old clothes and looking kind of rough...messy hair and chapped noses...you get the idea. When we were up in the front a while later, this same woman came over to us. She asked me if James got the typewriter. I said no and she asked if she could buy it for him, as a Christmas gift. James was by us by then and was looking at her like, what the??? She was handing him $2 and telling him to go get the typewriter. He looked puzzled and said, "But all I get is this." (I usually let him pick one toy when we are there and he had picked a hot wheels circular ramp thing.) The woman smiled sweetly/sadly and told him that today he got an extra present. I wasn't sure what to do. The last thing James needed was this old typewriter (we're not even sure it works) but this woman was being so sweet. And obviously thought she was helping out an underprivileged child. I have offered people help before and been turned down so I know that feels kind of bad so I just let her give him the money. He was all big eyed and said thank you and ran back to get it. Then she gave Ruby a dollar. Oh my gosh...I was dying inside. It was really so funny and sweet. And I ended up with some extra cash for a latte!

Kidding!!! I didn't keep her money. Geez. What do you think I am?? :) We got quarters for her $3 (after she had left) and I let the kids drop them into the food pantry dinosaur.

Above are some pictures of our table at the Craftacular. More tomorrow. (maybe. I am kind of in chill mode this week and it feels goooooood.) xoxox

p.s. Get Smart (with that guy from the office) has some HILARIOUS moments. Have you seen it? We were dying when he was shooting those tiny darts into himself in the bathroom...dying!!!
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