today I feel the crunch

So. Today is a busy day but so far our good spirits remain in tact. I think I want this every year...Patrick on vacation and tons of snow and bad weather before really brought on the joy over here. You can't help but to relax when you're snowed in, right? Right now Patrick is putting insulation in in our lower level (!!) and I am washing, hanging & fluffing all the bedding. Oh, and I have to get the groceries and Ruby's hair is matted beyond belief, and the rest of the house (aside from the bedrooms) looks like a pile of shizzle. BUT most of my family will be here tomorrow and that is sooooo exciting. (Thomas & Erin are coming on Wed.)

Anyways, I'm sweating and better get back to it. I'll pop in later when my head starts spinning around. :) (because it will at some point, I'm quite certain.)


  1. hi sweetie,
    don't stress about the house....we will only mess it all up again within about an hour after we all get there......:)

    i may not be able to leave until early wed. am now, too. we can talk later, ok? xoxoxo mamma

  2. I hope you have TONS of fun with your family and YEAH to Patrick for getting stuff done!

  3. You'll get it all done with (a little) time to spare.


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