James had a vision for his birthday cupcakes that we tried to create last night. He seemed pretty happy with them. His birthday isn't until Sunday but he got to bring these to school today...so exciting! The other picture is Ruby on the phone with Patrick this morning. She really misses him.

I am pretty tired today and kind of emotional (darn hormones...this is NOT a good time for this!!) but think it's going to be a good day. James is going to Kate's to play for the afternoon so I will have a few hours to myself while Ruby naps. There isn't a whole lot left that I *need* to do for Saturday but a few things that I'd like to do. I am going to have to make one more run to Jo-Ann's for some special glue but that is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Can you feel the tired in my words? I am sitting here with heavy eyes. I need to get in the shower and have some coffee...it's nearly 11am for pete's sake.


p.s. Mom, I will check at Target today or tomorrow and will talk to you later. xoxo Am so so so glad about gramma.
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  1. Stephanie, I'm around all day tomorrow if you need a break from the kids to get your stuff done you could surely drop them off here!! Heidi


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