Friday, February 29, 2008

a reason to live*

2 kids, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Okay, Mom, there are a bunch of new pictures on flickr...they go onto page 2 so don't miss any.

I'm done for the day, computer going off for a yet undetermined length of time. If any friends need me, please call me at home or on my cell. :)

I wish you all a relaxing & happy weekend. xoxo

*while my kids are a reason to live, that's not what this title means. My mom threatened me that I better put new pics up today, giving her a reason to live. (she tends towards the dramatic)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

good morning

good morning, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I am so behind on laundry and dishes it's not even funny.

James was sad this morning because he didn't have any race car underwear to wear. I told him to bring me a plain pair and a marker. I thought it was a good idea but he didn't like it and decided that plain weren't so bad.

Instead of getting caught up this morning I am still in relaxing mode. At least until this afternoon, then I'll get to work.

Enjoy your day! xoxo

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

playing some ribbons

playing some ribbons, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

J: Mom, will you get my guitar down? I want to play some ribbons.
S: ribbons?
J: Yeah, on my guitar.
S: OH! You mean chords. You want to play some chords.
J: yeah. cords.


J: Mom, when are you going to be in the mood to poop out another baby?
S: Uh, first of all, babies don't get pooped out. They get pushed out. Kinda the same thing, I guess. But anyways...I might not ever be in the mood to poop out another baby.
J: No more babies?!
S: Maybe not. Wouldn't it be fun if it was just you & Ruby and me & daddy?
J: Yeah, but another baby would be fun, too. Then there would be three children in our family.
S: sigh. Have you been talking to grandma?
J: huh?


J: Dear God, please help Ruby feel better. Thank you. Amen.

(his first spontaneous prayer, in the middle of the night one night last week when a sick little Ruby joined the 3 of us in bed. My heart almost burst open.)

no time to talk, busy re-entering life

we're good, I'm so happy we're good, we saw friends yesterday, seeing friends today, new pictures on flickr, back later...I HOPE. xo

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ruby's tuesday

ruby's tuesday, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

have a good tuesday! see you later...

Monday, February 25, 2008

now I'm really going to bed

These Barrett photos just sucked me in once I started looking at them.

There are 4 pages of them on flickr. goodnight. xo

hello out there...

digging out, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Wow, what a day. This picture I took on Saturday is very representative of how I'm I was hit by a truck.

There are good things, though, and I'm clinging to them:

Patrick is home from work. The "few hours" of work that he left for Sunday morning. Yup, they pulled an all nighter and then some. sigh.

Ruby is fine. She may still puke if something doesn't agree with her currently delicate stomach but she has been given the all clear otherwise. Our doc said kids can have sensitive stomachs for up to 14 days after a virus.

We had excellent steak salads with spinach, avocado, shredded jack, tomatoes and baby portabellas for dinner.

Both kids (and the husband) are sleeping. I am headed up soon.

I am reading The Tender Bar and really, really liking it. It took a few pages to grab me but I'm glad I stuck with it. There have been 4 or 5 lines that I would have liked to have been my own...that's a lot for one book. (edited because this sounds wrong...I just mean lines that were so perfect that they were like a thought I had but could never get out that well. do you know what I mean?)

I'm really happy with how Susan's mei tai is turning out. Maybe I'll have some pictures of it tomorrow.

We survived today. And tomorrow is a new one, thank God.

sweet dreams! xoxo

Sunday, February 24, 2008

keeping watch

keeping watch, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I got the CD on Saturday, Dad. Thank you!! If I could get a half an hour or so I would post them all...hopefully tonight.

We are doing good. We all got out yesterday which was really, really fun. It was sunny and warm (ha! 28 did feel warm) and we had a nice time. The kids both were sleeping by 6;15pm and Patrick and I had a relaxing night together. Then Ruby puked all over at 2:30am. sigh. When will this pass?

Patrick is at work now for a few hours and I am going slightly mad. I can't wait for him to get home so I can go have some time to myself.


Friday, February 22, 2008

you're not going to believe this

but I got to leave the house yesterday! I know, isn't it crazy?! AND THEN?! I got to go grocery shopping BY MYSELF and came home to a quiet house with everyone ASLEEP. I thought I was dreaming until I slipped on the ice in the garage while carrying in over $200 worth of groceries. But I didn't care! I was alone!

And then I went to bed and had an actual dream that my dad, who recently sent us a big fat check, wanted that check back. And I was okay with that. See how happy I was? (Dad, this was just a dream, so don't get any ideas.) I have been wanting to write another post about Barrett-Jackson with video! and pictures! and I think I'll get my copy of the CD that has all of those in the mail today. I can't wait to see them! I think it was obvious how much I loved my trip to Arizona. As it gets farther away I keep loving it more...on so many levels. And then my Dad went and shared the monetary love with us and I just about exploded in happiness. Thanks Dad. We really & truly are so grateful for your generosity. (Oh, and by the way, what kind of car are you working on now?!) HAHAHAHAHA.

Ruby is a beast today and I say that with a lot of love. She is also perfect and patted Patrick on the arm this morning and said, "Hi Dad. Yike you." I am counting the minutes until her nap.

James has been helping me put groceries away all morning, arranging cabinets and what not. Yesterday, he decided to move some lighter furniture around in his room during quiet time. And he just came down here and suggested we move some stuff around as it's kind of messy. Hmmmm. He might be picking up some of my organizational habits.

I put their easel together yesterday afternoon. The easel they got for, hello!, Christmas! It's cute but I don't love it for one reason: Ruby. I prefer her art (paint, markers) to be done at the table where there is a tiny bit of containment. Maybe I could tie her leg to the easel. (with something soft, of course.) I'll have to think about that.

Anyways, good bye for now and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

update, that's all

stop it, mom, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

The kids were driving me NUTS this morning because they! are! feeling! better! and I. am. not. They're all like, "Let's party, we're not sick!" And I'm all like, "bah." Things turned around when we went upstairs to fold laundry. James folded all the kitchen towels by himself and helped me make the bed. What a little buddy. The pair of them is going to eat me out of house and home today. Making up for lost time, I guess.

I was feeling a little queasy last night and this morning but am okay now. I know this because I finally wanted my coffee at lunch time. Patrick got sick last night (I missed it, was asleep) but went to work today like the nutjob trouper that he is. There are some funny/sluggish pictures from yesterday up on flickr. The ones at the table were when we all rallied and tried to act normal. Didn't work. ha.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

BRAT diet smoothie

BRAT diet smoothie, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

A lot of people don't have Rice Milk on their radar but it is becoming much easier to find these days, available on most grocery store shelves in the natural foods section. For those of us with little kids it can be a great addition to the BRAT diet when stomach bugs strike.

Ruby doesn't like bananas, even in a smoothie, so James had this one all to himself this morning. It's a basic recipe but I wanted to share it because it's not that well known how rice milk can be so gentle on their sick little tummies.

1 banana
1/2 C applesauce
1/2-1 C Rice Milk (depending on how thick you'd like it)
crushed ice (again, amount is up to you or even leave it out and use less milk for a thicker smoothie)

Put all ingredients in blender or food processor and blend until smooth.

I would advise starting out with small sips and not serving too cold. I leave the crushed ice out if stomach is still really sensitive...a huge shot of cold is not something it wants at that point. (found this out the hard way)

Anyways, just a little something to break the monotony of a bland diet. Next I'm going to try and make my own, that stuff is expensive!

not yet out of the woods

Okay, so last night was better. Better, but still very long. They are both feeling kind of awful today and James had a little setback this morning. They both went down for naps at 9:30. AM. Amazing. I am off to take advantage of my unexpected free time by planning our menu for the next couple weeks.

Just for fun, here is a picture of the vintage tablecloth I found at the Scottsdale Goodwill for $1.98. I love it and it is now covering some unsightly splotches on our rug. Does anyone know a good carpet cleaner in the Madison area? :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rural school children, San Augustine County, Texas (LOC)

If you love old photos, you'll love this: The Library of Congress photos on flickr.

If you love new photos of kids in the tub and green smoothies, you'll love this: my photos on flickr.

Just a quick update: The vomiting has mostly stopped and they are keeping liquids, bananas (james), and animal crackers (ruby) down. I am exhausted, as is Patrick, because these little pukers had us up at least once an hour last night. James kept creeping into the bathroom or down to the kitchen to sneak water! All of a sudden we'd hear a chair drag across the kitchen floor or the bathroom door click shut and one of us would haul ourselves out of bed to go haul him back to his. About 15 minutes later he would moan and his illicit score would show itself on his pillow. I'm thinking tonight will be better as pretty much anything would be. :)

ruby's tuesday

red, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

guess what?

James was suddenly struck with a stomach bug late yesterday afternoon and Ruby decided to join him early this morning. Yes, that is their little puke bowl between them...they both seem to be keeping tiny bits of liquids in now so it should be fine until I get the other 5 bowls washed again.

good gravy. what a season of sickness.

(I'm still fine as of this posting and about to go make coffee.) xo

Monday, February 18, 2008

so glad I wasn't born into a polygamist cult

This weekend I read Escape by Carolyn Jessup. It was one of those creepy deals where reading it makes you kind of sick but you can't put it down. I am just amazed that this cult is still together and operating in Texas. I think Ms. Jessup was on Oprah when the book came out...I wish I would have seen it. She is an incredibly brave woman and a mother to 8 children.

In happier book news, we have a few great books from the library right now. Can you believe I never had read Where The Wild Thing Are to James? I hadn't, but have now and he likes it. We also have Racer Dogs again, a long time favorite...I could look at the illustrations forever, and The Incredible Book Eating Boy. The illustrations in Book Eating Boy are so clever. The author and artist *Oliver Jeffers uses pages & text of old books to draw his illustrations on and as part of the illustrations themselves. A favorite of mine shows curtains made from a page of a book. These are the types of books I like to get at the library because I find myself calling the kids over to read more often.

Does anyone else have any new favorites?

*go look at his personal's amazing!

Friday, February 15, 2008

heading into the afternoon now

Holiday mug that I just can't put away, first in a series.

We haven't vacuumed for 3 weeks because our vacuum needed a new belt. I ordered some on Ebay and finally brought the vacuum up this morning to put it on. See what's around the handle? The extra belt that I put on there, oh, 4 years ago, so we'd have it when we needed it. HAHAHA.
The whole upstairs, except the bathroom, is totally clean. Vacuumed, corners and all, vents dusted. This is Ruby's room. It's still very babyish and I still love it. I have decided that this is my spring cleaning.
This is Ruby in the pants I made her a few weeks ago. The flannel was one of the favorites that Thomas & Erin gave me for Christmas and I knew I wanted to use it for something that I'd see a lot. Ruby is 21 months old today! Holy cow. xoxoxo

cleaning day

We are home cleaning today. James is spraying and dusting his heart out and Ruby is being quite the little mother to her baby dolls. Kate & Natalie are coming over tomorrow to watch the kids for us and I didn't want her sitting in a sty all day with 3 kids. (grounds for despair, if you ask me) This kind of prompted a real cleaning fit which I haven't had in a long time...feels good.

I just took a little break to call Charter. Our On Demand feature hasn't worked for a few days and I finally broke down and called them so the kids could watch Blue's Clues. It was an automated female voice who was telling me to do stuff and then having me respond with "yes," "no," or "continue." James decided to be a pill and was turning the TV on after I turned it off and hollering in the background, etc. I kept saying "continue" to miss automatic and then yelling something at James like"knock it off!" or "get away from me!" Miss A. would then say, "I'm sorry, please just say 'continue' when you are finished" and I am all like "CONTINUE. I SAID CONTINUE," yelling at her. And then she would repeat herself because I guess computers ARE like people and they respond much better to civility. They should program her to say, "I'm sorry, but that tone isn't working for me. I'll be happy to CONTINUE when you can use your normal voice." #$%*!@

Okay, so where was I? Oh yes, the fun cleaning day. I need some more coffee. xoxo

p.s. Oh yeah, there are some more pics from James' preschool over on flickr. Just click over there--->

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the valentines

finished, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

We finished painting James' valentines this morning. Ruby & I each helped with a few but most of the work was done by James. I love them even though I'm not sure what they are. Bookmarks, I guess, but these kids don't really read chapter books yet. Anyways, they're cute and they were fun and kids like any little treat, right? (And, if they don't like these they'll probably love the CARS tattoos they're also getting. KACHOW!) More pics from our morning here.

I'm ready for a new banner

but this isn't it. I really love this picture, and these little jars of vintage decorations, but I need something that goes all along the felt too bare up there.

so happy to have my camera back

The whole time she's drawing she's saying "circle" and "8" over and over. She takes it very seriously and likes fine point pens the best.My new favorite mug from a favorite coffee shop...this was a Christmas gift.
James built a "Ruby Dam" last night and it worked pretty well.
Is she ever going to stop nursing? Sometimes I wonder.
The beautiful glistening snow. I had to take this through the door because it was frozen shut.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

okay, so it's a little big

but I'm working on it...

stellar parenting

Ruby, my innocent little babe of 20 months, is eating stale Gingersnaps and playing with marbles. I better hurry as I am sure my guilt will kick in any minute. (right?)

Surprise! It's snowing! It's still really cold but warmer than the 6 we got up to yesterday. Today I am buying a new charger, going to the bank, picking up a recording of Barrett that Vicki made for me and then mailing it to my father (turns out it is the only copy he will have on DVD...all hail Vicki!), dropping off the water bill, picking up James from school, returning home to face the debilitating piles of laundry and dishes that have mounted up since Friday (for the laundry) and yesterday (for the dishes.) I have a few pictures to share and then I am off to read books to my tiny little tiny munchy mooshy girl.

James helps out with the demand for reading sometimes:

James found this glitter glue at the thrift store for 50 cents, we love it:
James spinning Ruby around and around:

Now that I wrote those captions it is becoming clear to me that I am putting a lot of responsibility onto James' little 4 year old shoulders. Reading, shopping, entertaining. Hmmmm. I wonder where I could have learned this pattern of behavior?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. hee.


Monday, February 11, 2008

fresh out of clever & not-so-clever titles

(making his breakfast)
(my little ragamuffin)

I rarely go out on Mondays but this morning I decided we'd meet our friends at a McDonald's with a play area nearby. I got us all up, dressed and fed and got my shoes on to go start the van. Couldn't find the keys. sigh. Call Patrick, no answer. I figured he must have accidentally brought them to work because he used them last night. He called to confirm a while later. James was upset for about 4 minutes until I grudgingly agreed to go play in the basement with them. The morning kind of flew by and when Ruby took her nap James & I got a good start on his valentines. The mother in me wants him to write his name as well as I know he can but that takes a lot of effort and there are 20 valentines...I'd rather have him do them, no matter what they look like, so crazy little letters is what they get. We also glued little wooden hearts to popsicle sticks to make bookmarks for his friends...he can paint them or decorate however he'd like to tomorrow. Kind of fun.

On Saturday morning I mixed up this bread recipe that Ellen told me about, from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes A Day, and it's been sitting in our fridge ever since. That's okay, I guess it's better to work with after it ages a bit. I baked a loaf up this morning and while it didn't get quite done in the very middle, the crust and outer layer is delicious. I used 4 C of white whole wheat flour and 2.5 C of white flour so the dough was much denser than the original recipe. I found the book's website and added some more water to the dough as suggested but should have obviously added even time I will. The smell while it was baking almost killed me it was so good, and James and I ate quite a bit of it already with butter (me) & sunbutter (him.) I had commented on the blog asking if I could bake the bread on a cookie sheet with parchment instead of a pizza stone and Zoe (one of the authors) commented back right away and answered me (yes) and then asked how it came out. How lovely of her!

We will be having steak with roasted potatoes and asparagus for dinner with a nice slab of homemade crust on the side...yummy. (I should be saving this "fancy" dinner for Valentine's Day but the asparagus might not be around that long...I think Thursday will be pizza.) xoxo

Oh yeah, a couple other things:
**Patrick and I pretended to be sleeping when James crawled into our bed on Sunday morning. He got himself situated and started sounding out the word SNACK. First he figures out the sounds: "sssssss nu nu a-a - a- a ku ku ku" and then picks the right letters, which he decided were: "S N U K." Very cute.

**One of James' favorite things is eating a hot dog at the Target snack bar. Last night we told him no and he started hollering, "But this is one of my DREAMS, Mom!"

Reach for the stars, little one.

flip flop fevah

Allright. I had to hold myself back at Target last night. They have all the cute new flip flops out and I wanted at least 4 pairs of them. I will probably get my favorite one soon, while they still have my size in stock. (this first pair is my favorite)

(I could make these ones, if I really wanted to) (I don't.)
(and probably these ones, too) (but what fun is that?)
(James will absolutely never wear these Cars ones.)

(He'll probably end up with these again, which he's fine with.)

Did you know I had flip flop phobia until almost 2 years ago? My sister came to visit when Ruby was a baby and talked me into buying some...I've never looked back. I always thought I'd hate that thing between my toe (like toe socks...HORRIBLE) but I actually really like it.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

catching up

(our mailbox, just because)

I never got around to posting a lot of the little things floating around in my head last week. I realize all that little stuff may be boring if you're not me, or my family, but it's that kind of stuff that I want to remember. I like when I just write about our days...the good, the not so good, the mundane, the's all ours and I really feel blessed for every single minute of it. I'm not sure if I want to prolong this at-home-with-small-child business (re: are we done or is there one more in us?) but I know that right now I wouldn't want to do it any other way.

So, onto our lives.

Ruby woke up from her 3.5 hour nap on Friday in such a good mood. She hasn't been herself for a while (kinda lethargic) and it was so fun to hear her giggling again. It was a mild day and so I got us all dressed for outside and we drove over to McKee Farms Park. (It's kinda sad when 32 degrees feels balmy, but it did.) We had to trudge through knee high snow to get to the playground and that was James' favorite word for the rest of the day...we trudged everywhere after that. No one had been there since the big snow the day or two before so we had fresh powder in every direction. James was in heaven and Ruby was pretty content to watch him and kick the "icey" with her little foot every once in a while. He flew down slides into mounds of snow and jumped off everything he could. We stayed for almost an hour and a half and it just felt so good to be outside.

I think we all went to bed early on Friday night as Patrick wasn't feeling well. Oh yeah, I stayed up and finished Gonzo. Hmmmmm. I started this book, stopped it, and then went back to it a couple days later and finished it in the next day and a half. I don't really know what to say about it...I've never read much of Dr. Thompson's work, save for a few Rolling Stone articles, but his life was pretty sad. And pretty glorious. (but mostly sad, if you ask me.) (I've been into memoirs/autobiographies almost all of The Glass Castle today and am looking forward to going up and finishing it.) I'm making a mei tai for a friend and got it all cut out that night, too...that was fun.

Saturday morning was kind of icky. Patrick wasn't feeling well and I was pouting because I wasn't getting anything I wanted. I knew he was sick so I wasn't planning on asking him to babysit or anything but I was hoping we could all do something fun together. The house was a mess and the kids were ornery. Kate called and after much deliberation we finally agreed to meet up for lunch and a performance for the kids at the Overture Center. I felt better as soon as we got out of the house and called Patrick to apologize for being a pill. It was just James & I which is always a nice treat. We had lunch at Noodles and then went over to see Tom Pease perform.

James has never been to a live performance and he didn't like it at all. I told him we were staying and by the end he was laughing in between whining and I caught him singing the songs a few times later that day. Kate said it took Natalie a few times to get over the shock of seeing a grown up acting so silly and so loud and then she started to enjoy herself. I definitely want to take him back for more of these...they have a different performer every Saturday. We went over to Ben & Jerry's afterwards to get some sorbet and the kids ended up jumping all over the floor squares with another little boy who was there. He was a little older and really sweet. It was snowing big fat flakes at this point but we were so close to the thrift store that I had to go. We said goodbye to Kate & Natalie and drove over to SVDP.

(I can hardly look at his flipped over ear in this picture...I hate how that feels!)

James is a lot of fun to shop with...especially at the thrift store where he can't really do any damage. His favorite section is the furniture/tool/misc junk section...he calls it the "rusty stuff." We spent a lot of time in the rusty stuff, a Bowflex was particularly fascinating. I found quite a few books for the kids and a child size rolling pin with green wooden handles. It's not doll sized but child sized, perfect for James & Ruby. It was $10 which is more than I normally spend at the thrift but I immediately fell in love and had to have it. I also got some little wood hearts & popsicle sticks that we are planning to make into Valentine book marks for his classmates...we'll see. Anyways, it was such a nice afternoon.

We stopped at Cub and ended up getting home around 7pm. Patrick was feeling much better and had made his famous hamburgers for dinner.

This morning I got up and did our taxes. We were curious how much we'd get back and were pretty happy with the results. I haven't submitted them yet, I always like to do a little research first, but at least we know a ballpark figure. Later on I went upstairs to read for a while. I ended up falling asleep and woke up when I heard Ruby getting up from her nap. I laid there until Patrick got her (heehee, evil, I know) and quietly continued reading. A while later he came in with another cheeseburger, and shook his head because he knew exactly what I was up to. He left the lunch, closed the door and I read until 4pm. Bliss. It was very relaxing and just what I needed.

We finally got out of the house at 5:15pm and went to Target and Kohl's because Patrick needed new shoes. He wanted to go to DSW but we got there right at closing time. He ended up finding a cool pair at Kohl's, so it's all good. (they're a little trendy and really cute...I love when he surprises me with his good taste) (he hates shopping so I rarely see it except when he desperately needs something or buys me a gift)

I'm forming a busy week in my head and hoping I can get to most of it. A new charger is at the top of the list but may have to wait until Tuesday since I don't really want to go to Madison tomorrow. (I called and they have one at Batteries Plus. I've made fun of that store so many times and yet it still came through for me. It was just there on the corner of the Beltline & Gammon Road, waiting quietly for me to realize the true value of a good battery & charger emporium.)

And now, I'm done. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams. xoxo

Saturday, February 09, 2008

he's flexible like that

J: Ruby, do you want to play hide & seek?
R: yeah.
J: Okay, count to ten and I'll...Ruby, how high can you count?
R: one, two!
J: Okay, count to two and I'll go hide!

Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm not sure what it is with us & Fridays but things seem to always conspire to keep us in. We were going to meet our friends at a coffee shop this morning but miss Ruby needed her nap early so we couldn't go. I am really hoping we can head out midday as I feel like I need some fresh air. Everything is plowed so maybe a walk will be okay...before the 2 degree temps arrive again. brrrrr. James and I are about to start in on the Legos but I thought I'd pop down here for a few minutes first.

I bought some pricey dried cherries at last week because I am on a mission to find the perfect granola bar recipe. I didn't get to them this week and I needed some fruit for my muesli so the granola bars will have to wait. I got a bunch of walnuts on clearance at Target after the holidays, and while they are not my favorite nut, I figured I could make do. (oh, how I suffer, right?) I toasted them this morning before grinding them up and oh, what a difference it made. So now I've got a big batch of dried cherry & toasted walnut muesli. Yummy.

I got out our potty for Ruby this morning as she always wants to go up and sit on the toilet lately. (she has never done anything in it but I'm sure not going to stand in her way) It's a little big for her tiny bum so, darn it, I may have to go buy one of those adorable Bjorn potties. James & I kept telling her she was doing it wrong but she wouldn't keep her little feet out of that bowl. silly girl.

I started sewing my little heart garland. My original plan was to stuff each of these. HA! After doing 2 of them I have a little bit better idea how to sew them up but stuffing is definitely out of the question. I think after a good iron & starching that they will be really cute hanging all in a row. We'll see, I love these fabrics, though, so it's fun to be sewing with them. Earlier this week I went to the quilt shop in Madison with Zoe and they had this little pack of 4.5" squares left over from a valentine's quilt they had on display...I knew for $2.50 that I had to have them.


see that little eyelash? xoxo

Thursday, February 07, 2008

hong kong phooey

So, the charger DOES NOT WORK.

The new (and relatively uncharged) battery I got works and has 15 minutes left of time on it. I managed to snap a few pictures and will ration myself with the remaining minutes. I'll probably order another one today, from someone else. The seller I got this one from has excellent feedback so I just must have got a bad one. I'd have to pay $7 to send it back so I have to see if he pays to send me a new one or if I do. What a pain!

Anyways, here are the pics. xoxo

(see that pillow in the middle? guess who?)
(the new sewing area & a valentine theme garland I'm thinking of)
(ruby, just up from her nap yesterday)
(I love, love, love old diner china...some of my favorites, finally on display)
(the kids, this morning)
(the snow, this morning)


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