Wednesday, April 30, 2008

de sun, de sun!

(my imitation of Tattoo)

I wasn't sure what we should do today but we set out around 10:30 with our new cooler packed for lunch. Some friends were meeting at noon but we got there too early and I kind of felt itchy to go exploring. We went for a little drive and found ourselves at McGaw Park in Fitchburg. I'd never been there before and we had such a good time we just stayed. (friends, I think we should add this one to our summer park schedule!) It was a little chilly at first but the sun was shining and it eventually warmed up. We played for a long time and then had our picnic.

I'm glad we got to soak this up today as the forecast shows lots of clouds. There are a few more pictures on flickr. Thanks for all the baby love. :)

baby born

baby born, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

Baby Born is one of our favorite books around here and I have always adored the illustrations...especially the cover full of swaddled up little ones.

I've thought many times I should make my own and last night that thought finally collided with some free time. Ruby was surprised when I showed her the book and the baby. It was pretty cute. Now James wants one...a super baby. Maybe a cape?

There are a few more pics on flickr. Oh yeah...good morning! :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a whole lot of boring up in here

I'm still not totally loving this layout. I'm not sure when I'll have the time to sit down and fix it so I might just keep tweaking as I go.

Thanks for all the banner love. Zoe was here one day and started taking pictures of these spools for her photography class. I was like, YES!, and laid them out, thinking of a new banner shot. We both had a couple good ones from that day but none of them were just right. I tried again on Saturday and liked what the wooden table added. Anyways, thanks.

The cold & gloomy weather we are having today is crushing my spirit. You know that feeling when you know you should be feeling bad about something but you can't remember what? That's how I am this morning. I hope I can remember and get over it before noon. :) Ruby and I are about to do some reading and then I have dreams of fresh coffee...

ruby's tuesday

mini me, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

She had coffee breath when we picked James up at preschool last of his teachers noticed when she picked her up.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Well, I bolded my blog name (thanks for the suggestion, bb) and added a border. But now it's not centered. ugh.

In happy news, I did find the song that inspired my blog name online. I have always wanted to explain the title, all the different meanings it has for me, etc, but the short version is: I've always loved this Tom Petty song.

I'll be uploading some pictures from last Friday to flickr soon. xoxo

Sunday, April 27, 2008

trying to decide

what looks best with this new banner...colors, etc. Obviously my whole b&w theme, with the matching pics on the sidebar, isn't working anymore. Well, bear with me whilst I figure it out. thanks.

I am waiting for Patrick to get back up here with Lost so we can finally watch it. The last version he downloaded didn't work and now it's getting sooooo late. (10pm...sad, isn't it?)

I asked James if we should do another no TV week and he said fine. He was pretty happy to watch a Little Einsteins DVD on Friday night (turned on at 6:30 when Patrick still wasn't home) but I don't think he missed it that much. We are definitely cutting back. Ruby is the one I'm worried about, she yearns for Blues Clues, and I think now is the time to reign her in.

Ruby is a little beast right now. Is this normal for 2? HAHAHAHAHA. I've heard that it is but James wasn't super sickening at 2. The hardest part of Ruby is that her shrieking and whining is pretty steady right now. But then she'll put her arm around James and say, "sweet bo bamesy," and we all melt into a big messy puddle. (I call him jamesy bo bamesy or just bo bamesy for short)

Hmmmmm. What else? Oh yeah. Patrick and I had a nice night out on Saturday. Kelsey couldn't get Ruby down for bed but it was no big deal. Our little girl was so wound up when we got home that I was certain nothing short of a dart gun was going to work. Thankfully, Kelsey is still willing to come this summer and I am going to try 11-4. weeeeeeeeeeee!

Yawn. I guess I should sign off before this post jumps the shark. xoxo

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I opened a little etsy shop! You can find it here or linked over in the right sidebar.

I'm going to mainly use it to sell my old stuff that I loved, bought, but have never used or displayed.

I used to do ebay full time but feel a little rusty. Any feedback would be appreciated...prices too high, wording too dumb? Any tips from long time etsy-ers?


p.s. New banner, too.

p.p.s. Happy weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

a journal

These are little random things from my week that I jotted down when I had a minute.
  • ruby has taken to running into her room and slamming the door shut. already??
  • this is super cool
  • I was having a hard time remembering my reusable bags when I went shopping and my friend Heidi told me she leaves hers right on the front seat of her van. Brilliant! I went one step further and told James I wanted to use them all the time so now he will remind me, too. (he's got a great memory) (yesterday I actually forgot them on the front seat of the van, he remembered, and we went out and got them) (update! I went shopping last night and remembered them! But I didn't have nearly enough so I got paper for the rest.)
  • I am having periods of insane irritability these last 2 days but thankfully it passes as quickly as it comes on. (pms) Yesterday morning Patrick hollered down to me, asking if James had any clean socks. I shrieked back at him, "I CAN'T DO EVERYTHING!!!!!" Do you have any idea how many years I will hear that line repeated back to me? He loves when I act like a maniac.
  • We all are loving this book. It's so fun to read and we can't wait to make some bee-bim bop, minus the eggs.
  • Our little village is going to have a farmer's market this summer! I am so happy!
  • This afternoon, day 3 of no tv, got a little hairy. I have no problem with the tv, in moderation, but I can already see that I use it to problem solve sometimes when it's not really necessary. These kids, they don't need a whole lot. Just the suggestion of a book or different toy will get Ruby off her Blue's Clues rampage in about 5 seconds. I think I'm making myself sound like I stuck them in front of the TV whenever they whined and I really didn't...except for sometimes. (like dinner making time) So, at the end of day 3 these are the things I've noticed: They play more together because, well, they have more time to. They average about 50% playing with 50% squabbling and while it's annoying to listen to, I do think it's good for them to learn how to work stuff out together. I don't feel any more stressed. I do have less time to blog/read blogs without beating a child off of me but the blogging myself is what I would miss the most. I have noticed on other days where the TV doesn't come on at all (because we do have them from time to time) that things seem calmer. I think what it is is that there isn't this mad rush of getting to me when they're done watching. I think on some level they realize they are separated from me during that 24 minutes and as soon as the show is over they are clamoring for my attention. I hate that sudden rush of MOM, MOM, MOM. I guess I'll stop now. I'm tired and emotional and do tend to compose elaborate theories about my children's actions that I then promptly forget about. Who knows for sure why they do most of what they do? All I know is that this isn't so bad. And I love those two so much.
  • Today Ruby dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce on her toe. Later this afternoon I noticed it was pretty black and blue and pointed it out to James. Aw, poor Ruby, I said. James gave me his saddest sympathetic face and said, "Oh. Poor Ruby. Looks like she's going to die." hahahhahahahhaha, he is so funny. (he was joking)
  • Our babysitter is coming over Saturday night and we're going to have her put Ruby to bed. I have no idea if she'll go for's always been Patrick or I. I also asked Kelsey about coming one day a week this summer and she said she'd love to. I'm thinking Wednesdays from 11-4. 5 hours alone, during the week? really? I was thinking I should have her come during the morning, when the kids are happier, but I really like to be home in the morning and would enjoy the afternoon off more. I felt bad leaving her the harder part of the day but my friends said I was crazy. Let the babysitter have them then, they hollered, they'll be better for her anyways. Probably true. Smart friends, I've got.
  • I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and we have absolutely nothing we have to do. I find myself actually looking forward to preschool ending so I will have a whole weeks' worth of days with nothing I have to do. I think I might have a hard time when life gets busier. I'm sure I'll adapt but I want to enjoy this time now as it is passing quickly.
  • This afternoon was difficult because I was so tired and just wanted to nap and James wouldn't leave me alone and I let him keep needling me, instead of dealing with it, until I snapped. Then he was in his room crying, "You really hurt my feelings, mom." Oh, man. So I apologized for yelling and told him next time I'll just lock him in his room a lot sooner and won't yell. He agreed that that sounded like a good plan. We read some books, I had some iced coffee, and life continued as normal until Patrick got home.
  • Speaking of Patrick, holy cow is he working a lot this week. He comes home exhausted, eats, plays with the kids for a while, puts James to bed, falls asleep with him, sleeps for an hour, gets up, goes downstairs and keeps working until 2,3,4am. He does come up to see me or I go down and see him but it's not like usual. I miss him and am secretly mad at him for not taking better care of himself but I know that my lecturing does NOTHING (due to many, many failed attempts over the last 12 years) except make him mad so I try to keep this to myself. All I can really do is pray that he figures out what he needs to and that this will let up soon. It always does, but it's so hard in the meantime. Last night he showed me what he's working on and it is pretty cool. A while ago he made this thing called a pre-amplifier. (all I know is it amplifies images) Now he's writing a program that will allow the pre-amp to talk to 2 other machines and you can control all of it from your computer. Pretty amazing stuff. So then I told him how I moved all the half eaten bags of frozen fruit & veggies into the freezer door so now they don't fall out and I have room on the shelves for all the meat I bought. We are equally paired, he and I.


Susan, this is messy...
getting ready to go...

see ya, James

a wee birthday gift for me ruby from The Small Object...
our backyard buddy...(okay, Zoe, what is it?)
more of the messy...

favorite lunch...low carb, high fiber tortilla, broccoli slaw, tomatoes, ham & Babybel light french onion cheese...yummy.....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

last night & this morning


We went to Susan's on Monday so I could help (ha!) watch her kids while she painted. She didn't get to do a lot (sorry!), but it was a nice morning. Her kitchen looks gorgeous and makes me consider painting ours. I wanted white walls as a backdrop for all my old stuff but her color looks so awesome. Anyways......

James seems to be a natural when it comes to driving. He did really good for his first time, turning and backing up, it was really cute.4 kids would be hard. (even 4 as cute as these ones)

rubes & ally

Raking is hard work.
Thank goodness for my helper.

Monday, April 21, 2008

fair warning

I'm not sure where this week will go but I'm giving you (mainly my mom & dad) fair warning...I might not be around much. I will try to post some new pictures every day, though.

It is just so gorgeous out and it feels so good to be outside. We ate, rested, worked and played outside all weekend and that's what I want to continue for us as much as possible this week. It's like therapy for my body or something, after that long winter. It's also turn off the TV week and I'm giving that a try. I mentioned this to James a few weeks ago and he was totally protesting so I didn't bring it up again. When the tv came up today I just suggested something else (except for a little while at our friend's house) and it was just fine. Who knows. I've always been okay with the amount they watch (less than 2 hours) (but not much less) but I am curious how it will affect our day. I might turn it on first thing tomorrow, we'll see. :)

So, anyways. I'm tired. It's way after 9 but I broke my own rule because I didn't want my mom to be wondering about us in the morning. (mom, I didn't forget about your test but did forget to call. I'll call you tomorrow. sorry. xoxox)


J: Mom, I want a friend to sleep in my room with me all night tonight.
S: Like a stuffed animal?
J: No, like dad.
(this could be a teaching moment, I thought, and laid down next to him)
S: You already have a friend who will be with you all night.
J: Huh? Who?
S: Jesus. Jesus is always in your heart and you can always talk to Him. He's always with you, buddy.
J: (rolling over) I mean a reeeeeeeeeeel friend.

hehehehe. No offense, Lord.

the best kind of weekend

spring, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I don't have much time right now but wanted to pop in and say hi. There are a few new pictures from the weekend over here.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

lookin' good, april

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Friday, April 18, 2008

happy friday

dribbling, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I haven't been around much this week...too much fun going on. And then today, a lot of nothing going on...but just as fun.

Have a good weekend! xoxo

p.s. more pics over on flickr.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the incredible shrinking husband

Patrick's new habit of keeping sandwich & snack stuff at work has really made a difference in our budget. He got paid yesterday and I actually still had money left that we were budgeted to spend and we didn't. huh. Who knew that could happen?

Another unexpected benefit has been that he's been losing weight. He isn't really overweight or anything but his belly had gotten bigger over the winter. (and I am not pointing any fingers here as mine has, too.)

We were in the bathroom this morning and he held his pants up, kind of at Urkel height.

P: See?!
S: What? They are 36s, that is what you were wearing! You just need some 34s.
P: But they tag says 36x32. These are not 32s. Not unless I'm shrinking, too.
S: (peals of laughter)

I'm not sure why but this struck me as so funny. Just the way he said it, I guess. My little bunny, off to work with his belt notched tightly and his cuffs rolled. He's mine, ladies, back off.

Maybe I should surprise him with some new jeans with those excess funds?

(This was at dinner last night, just to prove he still eats. I know it looks like we only had corn but we had chicken legs, too. (they just weren't ready yet) (my bad) And yes, Ruby has him on corn, 2 to 1. She is a corn eating machine.)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

lovely day at the beach

Ha! Totally kidding!

Thanks to all of your kind words and some reassurance from my friends and mother, I have decided to move past this whole incident. Lesson learned? check. Allrighty then, moving on.

First, though, I have to tell you about my mother. I called my her shortly after I posted this morning and do you want to know the first thing she said to me?

M: hello
S: hi

M: (sigh) Remember what happened to (insert name of person we love who died of skin cancer here)?
S: gasp!! Mother, you are awful!!!!!

M&S: hehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehe

That's how we roll. We gotta laugh at stuff. If that offended you then be glad you're not in our family. :) She then went on to say really nice stuff that helped me feel better. Thanks mom. And thanks to all my friends that I went on and on to this morning. I guess sometimes I am a wee bit dramatic. (you're all like, duh! tell us something we don't know!)

We went to Kate's after preschool because it was too windy to be outside for long today. I felt like she was pitying me by inviting me over (because this morning I had said I didn't want the kids out in the sun today but by late morning, when I talked to her again, I was over that but she didn't know I was) and when I said as much to her she asked if this was my "Beat Myself" up day. hahahahahhaha. So then I said, yes, it was. I told her I also haven't filed our state taxes yet and don't have dinner planned. I pretty much was a lot of fun today.

This morning when I checked our seeds I was so excited to see a tiny stem unfurling. By the time we got home this afternoon, it looked like this! Our first tomato plant!

About two seconds after I held it down to show Ruby, it looked like this.

Do you think it will die? Now that we've taken away it's source of light and joy? balls. gardening is not easy.

of course it would HAVE to be tuesday

bad mama, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

oh my gosh, the guilt

I wasn't going to say this out loud but I feel so awful, there's nothing else on my mind this morning.

(Mother, this is not open for discussion, okay? I need no tips or scolding. Maybe a story about how you let this happen to me once? thanks.)

We are all sunburned. :( I feel so horrible. I have to say, so you don't all think I am a total loser, that James is over 4 years old and he has never been sunburned before. Ruby, either.

But still. sigh. Can I say again how horrible I feel? It doesn't seem to hurt, it's just pink. really pink. There will be no photos.

The sunscreen is now in the van.

Monday, April 14, 2008

it's like mainlining blogs

Dear Friends Who Are Becoming Interested in Blogs,

Here is my bloglines subscription list. Don't click on it if you don't want to be lured away from your family/friends/wifely duties. Don't say I didn't warn you. (and don't forget to email me those new blogs you found, either!)

I have a links page but it desperately needs to be updated. My bloglines subscriptions do too, really, but not as badly. There is so much goodness there...just so much!

let's try this again

Well, Ruby is currently napping so I think I'm good for a while. Except, I don't feel much like blogging.

It is gorgeous here and we were outside all afternoon, it was so awesome. I think I got a little sunburned, actually. Time to break out the sunscreen? Hallelujah! (no mom, I do not wear it every day like I should. do you?) :)

sun=sleepy, late afternoon=time to make dinner, day of playing=nothing for dinner, sleepiness=denial/way of coping

Here's a quick run down of our lives:

We had a really good weekend. The kids are great. There are a few new pictures over on flickr. Ruby peed once on the potty.

I have to sign off before this gets even more disjointed. xoxo

dear Ruby,

You are supposed to be watching Bunnytown, not pooping.

Can't you poop on your own time? Does it have to be during these 24 minutes? The 24 minutes I planned on using to drink coffee and blog?


Back later, folks! xoxo

it's a sunny monday!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

cuppie wearing

Babymamma -- custom order, originally uploaded by cakespy.

I just saw this in Cakespy's photo stream on it!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

greetings from WI

greetings from WI, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I hadn't planned on being absent yesterday, it just happened. Mainly due to the 3way/3hour nap we had after another fun but chilly picnic.

Have a happy weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

plantin'! tiny! seeds!

Yesterday we planted some tomato, pepper and Delphinium seeds. We made the little pots with empty toilet paper rolls (see here) We used one piece of tape on the bottom of each to hold them together better & will just remove when (and if) we move these outside. It worked out well, James liked helping me put them together. They both loved the dirt and the planting part and were amazed at how tiny the seeds are. All afternoon we heard Ruby hollering, "plantin'! tiny! seeds!" I sure hope they grow. I have them under a fluorescent light but I just read that they need 14 hours of it a day. I might put them up on Ruby's closet shelf...there are big fluorescents in there. (any experience with this? I'd love to hear it.)

This was one of those activities that took longer to clean up than sure did feel good to have my hands in some dirt, though.


We just got home a while ago and James is asleep downstairs. Ruby is laying on my bed reading Alice Waters and Chez Panisse to her new baby doll she just got at Dig and Save. Her new unwashed baby doll she just got at D&S. Did I mention she was on my bed?! Which reminds me...

Things We've Found on Our Bed This Week (so far):
  • James (sleeping)
  • Ruby (sleeping) (last night I was just telling Patrick how nice it would be to have our bed back to ourselves and it was like God heard me and called out, "CUE RUBY!")
  • seam ripper (sorry bunny)
  • Legos
  • graham cracker with sunbutter, wrapped in a napkin
  • dirty baby doll (the one I just mentioned, not a different dirty baby doll) (I just heard her kiss this doll)
  • hot wheels car from Cheerios box
  • ruler
the end. xoxo

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

sewing my first reversible dress

About a month ago I decided I wanted to make a dress for Ruby. I took one of her current favorites (the red one) and traced it out on wax paper, making a pattern. I then used some old fabric to try it out. It worked but I found all the hemming around the neck and armpits to be kind of time consuming. (and hard.)
It's probably hard to see but my stitches around the neck are really uneven. But I was happy that it worked, anyways, and put it aside to ponder fabrics.
After a while I decided to try and make it reversible, thus eliminating the need to do all that edge work. I got the little kid fabric from Thomas & Erin for Christmas and found the floral a couple weeks ago at Dig & Save. That sealed the deal. Just last night I found the gingham ribbon in the basement...also a Dig & Save find from a long time ago. I wasn't planning on the ribbon but it adds a lot, I think.

I cut them out, sewed up the sides, and pinned on the ribbon last night. So essentially, there are 2 dresses here and today I made them one. (mwah ha ha!)

This was a little nerve wracking. Would it actually work? I sewed the back up (the top part in the photo below) first and was so relieved when I flipped it inside out and it looked alright.
I haven't sewn something totally new to me or really challenging in a while and I had forgotten that nervous/excited feeling that comes. Like right now? My hands are sweating a little. :) In a good way. (if that's possible to imagine.)

It's not done yet, I still have to find my buttons and sew them on. (where are they?!?) The two on the straps will be purely decorative. Because I never got my buttonholer to work I decided to do a loop closure in the back instead of buttoned straps like the original dress has. (I traced Patrick's deodorant cap to get that oval opening.)

Camera One:

Camera Two:

And, I know it will fit because I tried one half on my very unexcited model this morning.

Yay for sewing!

another random, poorly punctuated post

I wanted to make vanilla simple syrup for my coffee. It was super easy and turned out very good and I loved working with fresh vanilla beans. BUT. I will never pay $6.62 for ONE BEAN again. Not when I can get approximately 30 beans for $8.50 from a reputable seller. I want to try making my own vanilla extract...sounds pretty simple.

boiling away
Then I had to mix up some 40mine and had those lemons out and wondered how fresh lemonade with vanilla simple syrup would taste? Let's just say I will be making it again...all summer! so good!
James' favorite spot at the Target snack bar
they all fit just fine
My friends asked if I could make some taggy blankets for their wee ones. They bought all the fabric and ribbons and I have 2 out of 3 of them done. They are easy, but sewing with this "minky" fabric is tricky because it is stretchy. Once I started using a stretch stitch it was easier. (takes me a while to figure these things out.) They're pretty cute. I hope they get lots of use.

This is all Ruby wants to do - change her baby's diapers. (even her animal babies)

dinner time...I make them baby hamburgers & baby buns...they love that. (me, too, they're so cute!)
a little something I'm working on....heehee, fun.
the hearth framing is almost finished
one more wall sheet rocked!
sadly, this is what the basement looks like. can you even spot the child?


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