Monday, June 30, 2008

anyone else?

Did anyone else see this on Bloglines this Sunday? It had a message that they were down and this was the background. It's now my desktop background...makes me happy.

We arrived home from a fun morning at the park and there was a camera on my door step. Yay! But it was the wrong one. boo hiss. Best Buy shipped another one and it should be here by the end of the week. I hope so!

So, pooping aside, it's been a pretty nice day. I had lots of little crap (haha) to write about but lost my momentum after I had to sit on the phone with BB for a half an hour. Maybe tomorrow will be better for blogging. We did have a really nice weekend and I got a lot of fun projects done around here.

I guess before I wrap this up I want to link to some happy stuff:

First of all, welcome sweet little Rosy. Yay! Congratulations to Ellen, John & Sophie. She is so sweet.

This idea for decorating a birthday cake is adorable.

I really want to try this pizza crust recipe.

We froze grapes like Holly suggested and it was a good time. James loved putting them on kabobs.

Alright, there was more but I am forgetting.

*James is not allowed to say he hates stuff so he is now saying he "hs" stuff. Or "ls" (loves) it, which I prefer. He also told me that our town was stuck in his B-O-T on the way home. Um, it's B-U-T-T first of all, and second of all, no, it's not. I was there this morning and it was all clear, buddy.

holy crap

My kids have this routine that I tend to forget about if our mornings haven't been routine for a while.

They have just finished eating and I am putting the final touches on my own breakfast...vanilla yogurt with bananas and mini strawberries from our neighbor's yard. I make a beeline for the loveseat and am stopped dead in my tracks by James hollering, "I'm do-one" from the bathroom. sigh. It never fails that I forget my kids are after breakfast poopers. I shoot a look over my shoulder at Ruby as I head up the stairs to help my eldest wipe his bum. Nah, I think.

I enter the bathroom and James tells me he loves me, a lot. I check his work and hear Ruby yell, "I'm sorry, mom." I run downstairs. Ruby is standing by the couch, pee leaking from the legs of her pajamas. Inside the pajamas is another story. A dark, stinky story...she didn't have a diaper on. I bring her up to the bathroom, shoving all thoughts of my breakfast to the side so as not to foul the experience when I do get to it.

Anyone else? No, really. I haven't eaten yet and am not planning on attempting to until lunch. Just holler if you need me!

Friday, June 27, 2008

happy friday

Robin's eggs, originally uploaded by gargoylesoftware.

We are off to the park to see some sorely missed friends after I water about 1,000,000 of my neighbor's flowers. Patrick didn't kill anything last week but my plants weren't exactly thriving when I got home. I am taking this watering for Rachel very seriously. It is supposed to rain later but her baskets are touchy and I'd hate to lose one on my watch.

Plus, she has baby birds in her front hanging basket and Robin's eggs in her back fun is that?

(sound familiar, Denise?) :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

is it monday in here or is it just me?

Patrick took the camera to work today to see if he could fix it. I've dropped that camera so many times since we got it, 2 years ago, and it's always been fine. This last time, I dropped it on the beach, in the sand. And then? Not so fine. We'll see what he can do. I am almost hoping it can't be fixed because the tiny blue one on the way to me is so darn cute!

Anyways. Today has been good/not so good/good. Aren't most days like this? Mine are. Ruby just did an awful lot of screaming and whining for no good reason all morning. Maybe her gums are inflamed and she has an ear infection or something but really, how the heck am I supposed to know that? She just kills me sometimes. She did have a hard time last night, waking up around 11:30 and not wanting to go back to sleep. We finally brought her in our room and told her to close her eyes and go to sleep. She did. Huh? We were watching a movie on the laptop, set up with headphones and all, and she just closed her eyes and went to sleep. cough faker cough

After she finally went down for her nap today I made James stay in his room for a half an hour so I could read and have a popsicle. Once I collected myself I asked him come outside with me to the pmp* and we drew with some oil pastel crayons I found yesterday and then he painted a bird house. Then we did some Origami (cup good, hat good, fox face stopped me cold), he played in the sandbox and I read. What a nice afternoon.

I set the pool up this morning but my delicate flower would have nothing to do with it. She wanted to sit on my lap. sigh. James loved it and played for a long time in the freeeeezing cold water. I planted a bunch of Iris & Lupine that I brought back from Duluth. (thanks Dad!) Hmmmm. What else? Oh yeah! My morning glory flowers are amazing me. Most of you have probably had climbing plants before but I haven't. I gave them stakes yesterday morning and a few hours later they had wrapped their little selves around flipping beautiful and amazing. I think they're going to need something larger. Like a ladder.

*poor man's patio

**photo from the archives

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

worth the wait

lunch with husband: $30
numerous items at d&s: $12
groceries for 1 week: $156 (plus non-monetary benefit of selecting at leisure)
iced coffee: $3 (plus non-monetary benefit of sipping alone, in sunshine, with pen in hand)
new camera & extended accidental drop coverage: $200

having a wednesday afternoon to myself: priceless

I enjoyed my day. I did all my "have to" list, nixing the swim lesson sign up after talking more with Patrick, and everything on my "want to" list except making a list of sewing projects. Maybe tomorrow. I did nothing on my "should do" list and am just fine with that. I needed a break today and I got it. I could feel myself relaxing before I hit the highway.

I am really excited to have a new camera on the way from Best Buy. I wanted to stay in the tiny camera family so I went with another Sony Cybershot (like our last 2), but with one in a lower price bracket that still had excellent reviews and everything I really want. Some day I may switch to a SLR but for these fun & busy days with the kidlets, I want small. And cheap, I decided, as I am pretty hard on them with near daily use and lots of toting around. And it's blue! xoxo

what'll it be?

have to:

call local pool about swim lessons for james
get some groceries
figure out checkbook
put trash out

should do:

package gifts & go to post office
mow lawn
put laundry away
pay bills
empty out van
catch up on emails
take chair cushions to laundromat

want to:

make list of sewing projects
research cameras (mine is DEAD)
dig & save
write letter on adorable new stationary
(I got some as a gift for a little friend and loved it so much I had to get one of my own...illustrated by Claire of Loobylu & kiddley!)
pick up library books
lunch somewhere nice

Tune in later to see! xoxo

Monday, June 23, 2008

um, still here

I woke up this morning feeling pretty well rested and, even more importantly, Ruby woke up for the first time in 5 days without a fever. So, we stayed. It was another gorgeous day in Duluth and we spent it in my favorite place, by the lake. Patrick was sweetly disappointed when I called him this morning but understood and wished us a happy day. We'll be off, FOR SURE, tomorrow morning. xoxo

Sunday, June 22, 2008

buh-bye, duluth.

I was planning on being home on Tuesday (because our babysitter can come on Wednesday) but we have met our fun limit and are heading back tomorrow. Actually, we've had a wonderful time. Ruby has just had a fever the whole time we've been here and sleeping with her & James every night has left me like a zombie. I want my kids in their beds, me in our bed, and my husband walking in the front door after work. Ah, the good life.

We got to have dinner with my brother & Erin, celebrate Rachel's graduation (with ruby clinging to me for the first 3 hours like a baby monkey), spend lots of time with gram & gramps (with and without ruby clinging to me like a baby monkey), see favorite cousins & aunties (& uncles), eat lots of ice cream (she had no problem doing this on her own), wander around my dad's gorgeous yard (also popular), get caught in rain storms, stare at the lake, scooter all over, throw lots of rocks in the lake, splash in puddles, walk over the lift bridge, spend a relaxing evening at the beach (haha, mom) much fun. But, man, what felt like a mini vacation is now feeling like a marathon. (oh was Grandma's Marathon weekend, too!) (Holly, I kept thinking about you!) :)

I'll probably be back on Tuesday. xoxo

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

we're going for it

(right before ruby's nap yesterday, we were playing monster.
she & I were hiding under the covers and james was the monster coming after us.
during one particularly long wait she fell asleep. xoxo)

We all just said goodbye to Patrick and will be leaving shortly, sniff sniff. Um, what else? Nothin' really. Have a good week and I'll see you soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

woo hoo!

I can't believe they're coming to Madison!!! I must get tickets...I must! You can read more here.


so much for that.

So much for evening blogging, eh? I sewed for a while last night and then got sucked into reading blogs*. At 9:45 I finally had to shut her down and read my book for a while. I just put on The Letter Factory for the kids to watch and James hollered up, "Mom, this is really special for me & Ruby." hahaha. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder. (they haven't watched tv all morning...forever, right?)

Ruby is in day 2 of a phase that I like to call, oh, SOMEONE KILL ME NOW!!!! It's like she swallowed something bad and the only way to get it out is by screaming. Over and over. And crying. And being naughty. Oh, the blog posts I have composed in my head the last 2 days. I am so glad I have some self control or you all would be calling CPS on me, or at the very least, upping my dose.

Despite my daughter, I have had a pretty good couple days. Before I get ahead of myself though, a few things from ye olde mental archives:

James asked me last week to take his training wheels off. I said no, I was putting Ruby to bed and couldn't help him. He asked Patrick, Patrick took them off, and he learned to ride! Just like that! He is still shaky and steers into the grass a lot but he's doing it. We were very proud. Good thing Patrick is more supportive than I am.

We missed the shower on Saturday as Ruby was up all Friday night with a super high fever. She was warm for most of the day on Saturday but woke up from a 4 hour nap back to normal. We went out for a drive Saturday evening and had big fun.

J: What does that sign say, Dad?
P: It says Stop Talking.

(a while later)

J: What does that one say?
P: Stop Picking Your Nose.


Patrick stopped at Walgreens so I could pick up a Ped Egg. Heidi had been raving about it and my feet were in desperate need of some tlc.

P: Is that for your scallops?
S: You mean CALLOUS? (duh!)

I proceeded to shave my feet as we drove along and it was pretty gross but satisfying. (for me anyways, Patrick was kind of sick about it all, yet strangely interested, too.)

Okay, that's all the funny I've got right now. Before I move on, this needs to be cleared up.

I LOVE MY MOM. I LOVE WHEN SHE VISITS. SHE DOES DRIVE ME NUTS SOMETIMES BUT SHE IS A MOTHER, AFTER ALL. When I wrote the post about her visit I was totally being sarcastic and, in my mind, very funny. My mother, who knows me best of all, thought I was really irritated with her. Oh, mom. You silly old girl. xoxoxo

Okay, back to me. I am desiring to spend more time at home, in our yard, our neighborhood, the library, etc. My life feels so busy sometimes and I "stay home." Come on. I think I need to stay home a little more often and see how that feels, what our own rhythm actually is. Like the kids & their TV, I appreciate a trip to Madison a lot more when I'm not having it every day. (This will probably last a week.) (Oh, and by the way, I'm taking the kids on a 300 mile trip up to Duluth tomorrow.) (hello pot, this is kettle.)

Moving on to life at home, I can't go into how deeply I desire a deck and what may or may not happen there. I can say that I bought a patio set at D&S a couple weeks ago for $25. The cushions were ugly so I bought some towels (yes, I got them at Kohl's on sale!) to make slip covers. I made one last night...super easy and pretty cute. But, it's going to fade and, actually, I think the chairs would be more comfortable with just a thin pad on the seat. Not sure where I'll go from here but at least we have a little pretend patio now:
And 6 new chocolate brown towels. Never a bad thing. So, has having this "patio" changed my life? Well, no, I still have one ornery daughter but we were outside all morning and I actually had a place to sit while I hollered at her. Nice.

James is loving the outdoor life. Not as much as he's loving garnishes, though!
That pina colada really had an impact on him.

In other stuff that thrills me but you may find boring, I love these old bumpy OVENEX kitchen baking pans. I have amassed quite a collection (thank you d&s) and am going to spray paint this one a fun color and it will be, as James says, our patio tray.

* A while ago I found a couple local blogs I've been enjoying, Mom In Madison & elsie marley. They are both lovely blogs and I was inspired by Meg, at elsie marley, last night to start sewing every night for a while. (not including my visit to Duluth) There are SO MANY things I want to sew but I find it hard to get going sometimes. Other local bloggers I enjoy: Zoe & Vicki. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

the night shift

I think I'm going to start blogging in the evenings for the summer...and probably more sporadically. I just wanted to give my mom fair warning. :)

So, hopefully I'll be back later this evening. Here is a photo from dinner Friday night...when I took the kids out to eat by myself. ?! Where did that come from? It went really well...we were in and out in just over a half an hour. James is totally in love with Pina Coladas ...non-alcoholic, of course.


Friday, June 13, 2008

in bloom

Late yesterday afternoon I received 2 phone calls in a row warning me of some baaaaaad weather headed our way. Thank you Zoe & Oliver. I knew it was raining but not that there was a tornado just past the next town over. I turned on the TV and the kids and I watched it until the power went out. At that point we gathered up some candles, snacks and blankets and headed to the basement. Luckily the huge hail and tornado missed us (the tornado never made it to our town) and all we had around here was some more wind damage (not us) and flooding (again, thankfully, not us.) Patrick got home a while later, claiming the roads were fine, and proceeded to heat dinner up with a propane torch as the power was still out. See, I would have just made some sandwiches...this is why dads are so much more fun than moms. :)
I had plans to go see Sex & The City with some friends but figured we'd cancel due to weather. I called Ann about a half hour before we were supposed to meet and her husband said she had just left. Nothing was keeping that woman from her movie!! So I threw some pants on and got in the car. The weather really was fine by then, most of the bad stuff had passed us and was headed North. Kate brought little Aaron and we all enjoyed the movie. I didn't love it although there were parts that I loved. I'm not sure if A) I'm just over that show or B) It didn't translate well (for me) to the big screen. The few shocking sex scenes seemed really out of place within the overall softer story line of the movie...I don't know, maybe it was just me?

Ruby woke up from her nap yesterday with a fever. She's still a little warm today and pretty moody. (I am really hoping she is all better later on so we can still go to MKE tomorrow. Sybil, I'll call you later...)I myself am also moody and was stuck in indecision about our day for most of the morning. I finally decided to clean the bathroom, bring in some flowers (I'm cutting some of my blooms this year...I want them inside, too!), and take a shower. Oh, and blog. And have more coffee. So, yeah, I'm feeling better now. Still not sure what we're going to do but at least I'm ready for whatever it is.
During the torrential down pours yesterday my larger peony decided to open. I'm going to get some support for her today, pretty girl. I also love the blue flowers that bloomed by the mailbox and have some hollyhocks coming up in the back already, Mom! fun.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

quick change

I bought a pair of pants at Old Navy last Easter weekend when we were at the Mall of America. They fit cute on top but had these long, huge legs that weren't working for me. I got them anyways because they were like $6 and I knew I could cut them off. The problem was...the cuffs were my favorite part of the pants! They folded up to reveal this pretty pale blue fabric that looked so cool against the grey of the pants. sigh. But cut them off I did. I saved those cuffs, though, and also this weird tie thingy that had been around the waist band. (I don't really need to worry about my pants falling off. ha!)

(the pants)

Yesterday I turned those 2 cuffs & tie into a little tote bag. It took me about 15 minutes (plus 15 more deciding how I wanted it to look) and I love it. Love it like I've never loved anything.
(the tote)

I'm kidding, but it was fun.(the pants & tote together, just in case you missed what was going on here)

What trash or scraps have you turned into something cool? Do tell!

annual zoo meet up

Thank you again for all the birthday wishes! I feel all out of step now that I missed a day. How does one blog again? Oh yes, just ramble on and on. Okay, I can do that.

Yesterday we got to see Sybil and her darling girls. It was so good to see them and I'm so happy we get to see them again on Saturday at Sybil's wedding shower.

It's been a year but to me it felt like I had seen them last week or something. That's the beauty of can really keep up with someone's life. Of course, in person is better but Washington & Wisconsin aren't exactly next door neighbors. I feel secretly happy that I met a friend who has family in Wisconsin so I can actually see her, even if it's only once a year.

Anyways, the kids had lots of fun and it was a great day. Here we were last year at the zoo. Our babies are now such big girls! I got a lot of cute pictures which I will put on flickr later on. I have a whole bunch of these ones of James & Eloise. I love them. He was trying to make her laugh and it was so cute.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ha, had you fooled!

Turns out I'm only 37 this year! I realized that at the park this afternoon, after thinking that my husband and Heidi were both wrong today, calling me 37. hehehehehhee. I will have to scratch something off of my list, I guess.

My morning went back and forth between lovely & hectic until we just got out of the house. I felt awful for being mean to my kids while I talked on the phone all morning, so I was kind of crabby/guilty when we left. We met Susan & Heidi for lunch at a park and had such a nice time...thanks, guys. And then Susan gave me some Dove chocolates! And then James said he saw something Amazing! and we had to come and see...and it was amazing. It was a big snapping turtle under the picnic shelter. Heidi called the Humane Society and they called the police (that's their procedure). The policeman came and said, "Yup, that's a turtle."
my peony, this morning (after I found my camera)
the turtle, with snack provided by Heidi
ruby & the turtle
yup, that's a turtle, alright.
miss willah and her mama...note heidi's lovely mother's necklace...I want one
it's so sad to see what gets caught in these commercial soccer nets.
miss ruby, with the horrible new doll that Kate gave her for her birthday (it doesn't stop mewling...ever) (but does, thankfully, have a shut off)
my peony, this afternoon

James has been being really sweet to me all day, suggesting a hoe down party and making breakfast for him and Ruby. (microwaved sausage links) Ruby took a nap on the way to the park but just did over an hour quiet time in her crib with her dollies. I thought she might go to sleep but no such luck. It's alright, I had a little break.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes, even though I'm a liar. :) xoxo

38 things

james & thomas in key west, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

that I'm thankful for, in love with, crazy about...(in no particular order)

  • iced coffee with vanilla creamer
  • first peony bloom opening this morning (it felt like a little happy birthday wish from God)
  • my kidlets
  • patrick xoxoxo
  • the smell of our upstairs in the summer
  • sleeping with the windows open
  • thin & silky cotton pajamas
  • chapstick
  • our home, the fact that we have one and the home itself
  • dirt under my finger nails (this will pass, I think)
  • my neighborhood and neighbors
  • good books
  • road trips (we plan on taking the kids on one for the first time, a big one, in the summer of 2010)
  • diet coke from a gas station fountain with ice & lemon
  • the east coast, especially with my sister
  • my family
  • turtle sundaes from Michaels
  • a clean kitchen in the morning
  • being outside with my kids
  • the handful of things I understand about my husband that help to make our marriage so good
  • all the funny people in my life
  • my friends, near and far
  • sitting on front steps or porches
  • dreams
  • really good, uninterrupted sleep
  • the fact that I am not pregnant
  • barnes & noble
  • the hidden potential of thrift stores, flea markets, rummage sales
  • the huge leafy trees lining my drive to madison
  • making stuff for myself and others
  • babysitters
  • sitting down to a good tv show, preferably with a bowl of popcorn
  • all the wonderful vacations I've been on
  • laughing about old fights with Patrick
  • patrick imitating me
  • red grapes
  • flip flops (I still want some fit flops)
  • all the pictures I've taken (none today...can't find my camera!)
38 candles this year! xoxox

ruby's tuesday (with James)

(they might as well make themselves useful, right?)

Monday, June 09, 2008

windy weekend

so sad, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

This is the park in the center of town. The high winds on Saturday took down so many mature trees in this's heartbreaking. The gazebo got damaged as well but, thankfully, the historical town hall was left undisturbed.

Patrick and James got into town right as it was ending and Ruby and I waited the storms out safely at Dig & Save. We were about to leave when the sirens started going off so I decided to sit tight. Luckily, Ruby fell asleep in the mei tai and we had a really nice & safe afternoon.

James & I were just over on our neighbor's steps and I said we should get back because I was getting hungry. A couple of minutes later James says, "Michelle? Can you please go inside and get my mom a snack - like a sandwich or something - so we can stay all day?" heehee.

Ruby just got up from her nap and is claiming that there is a bug following her through the house, wanting to get her. She wants to cuddle the bug but only if it will stop following her. (it's a fly) She also wanted to cuddle a daddy long legs earlier and a wee potato yesterday. She is feeling the love these days, I guess.

I pulled a whole laundry basket full of weeds this morning, which was my goal. That's not all of them either! Holy weeds. I am glad we're not using any pesticides but we really need to do a soil test to see what our poor dirt is needs something. Maybe a nice layer of compost will help. Ours is not ready yet but our composter is filling up remarkably fast. I need to go to Heidi's and get some dead leaves because we need some brown stuff in there with all our fruit & veggie scraps. (only one small tree = not very many leaves to rake)

This weekend I told Patrick I thought we should get a composting toilet. (I will tell you about the book I read later, it was so good, but I forgot the name) He said he could just switch some pipes around so all of our waste would drain into the washing machine (since I might as well start hand washing our clothes, too) and I could just put it on spin and then pump it out onto the grass. HAHAHAHAHA!

I have to go now, but some quick Ruby things for memory's sake:

-saying, "Don't talk to me! I'm a bad guy!" and sticking her hip out in a way that has us all imitating her

-saying, "Oh, man!" when something is not working out

-Last night I asked her if she liked nursing still. She said, "I love nursing, mom."

-She suddenly asked me my name the other day, as if it just occurred to her that I have one

-Every time we get in the car she says, "Turn a music on, mama"

-I walked in from the store last night and Patrick & James were playing legos in the living room. Ruby yells down, "Baby had to peeeeee" We run is shoved in the toilet hole up to her neck. Thank God she didn't flush.

Friday, June 06, 2008

love, friday edition

love, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

I put some new pictures up on flickr this morning. I have a lot of stuff to say but haven't found the energy to do so. It's been a good week...full of planting seeds and pulling weeds, hanging out with friends & neighbors, sleeping (or trying to) with Ruby's body curled around my head or her little face mashed into mine(my nose by your nose, she whispered), feeling so overwhelmed by my love for James at dinner last night that I could hardly breathe for a minute, quiet late night discussions with my silly husband, lots of splashing and even more relaxing.

I wish you all a good weekend, see you next week. xoxo


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