Friday, August 29, 2008


(I have not exercised yet today but am planning on it later. Am loving kickboxing the last couple days though I sweat like a pig and can only do about 35 of the 45 minutes. May try to push through the pain later on.)

I got home last night, from a fun craft night where I got a lot of my "I am all of a sudden through with summer so I will make something for Halloween" project done, and saw my Charlie Brown tshirt sold! Yay, that is fun. Then this morning I got an email from Kari, who traded me the gorgeous bracelet for a bloom tshirt, and she bought my linen scarf. Awesome. Thank you, Kari.

I hope this doesn't come across as bragging. It just makes me so happy when someone likes what I made, so that is what I'm sharing...that joy that only comes from making a quick buck something that pleases someone else as much as it pleased you. (haha, couldn't resist)

I am off today for an eye exam followed by a few hours on my own. xoxo

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homemade 10 second sling

I do not take credit for this idea. I saw it somewhere online when Ruby was tiny but just remembered it yesterday when I was cutting up this tshirt for the fabric.

All you have to do is take a long-ish tshirt that is about one size too small for you. (maybe even 2 sizes too small if it stretches a lot.) Lay it out flat and cut across from under arm to under arm, leaving you with a tshirt tube. Slip over your shoulder and insert child. It really works! (I could not get a good picture to save my life so Ruby was pretty crabby by the time I got this last one.)

Depending on the weight of your child and the length and stretch of the tshirt your little one may need some extra support under the bum. I think one of these would be great to keep in the car at all times and it would be so easy to make a solid black one (or some other manly color) for dad. fun!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

busy, busy, busy

an outtake of James, male model:
It's been a good but busy day around here. I watched my friend's son for a few hours this morning and then nearly collapsed with hunger right as he was leaving. Too busy to eat! I wolfed down some leftovers from last night, read to the kids, put Ruby down, golfed with James, and felt so much better. (I just have to mention our delicious dinner last night...steak, mashed red potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh tomato & cucumber salad. (thanks susan!) Yum!)

I finally got a few things listed in my etsy shop and that feels goo-ood. It's really easy to do but is still one of those things that I just put off. The few sales I've made have been happy surprises so I want to keep at it.

As a side note, don't worry about Patrick. I tend to be sarcastic and joke about things when they are not a big deal to me...this game playing is so not a big deal. I am actually happy that he is down there playing instead of working, which is what he usually does. It's all good. (for now.) ha!


world of warcraft widow

World of Warcraft, originally uploaded by NetReaper.

Patrick is hooked on WoW. For a few weeks now he's been going down to the basement nearly every night after the kids go to bed. Oh sure, he comes up once in a while for snacks or whatever else he might be in the mood for (wink) but he always scurries right back down there, doing whatever it is he does until the wee hours of the morning.

At first I would go down to put a load of laundry in or something and would catch him whispering quietly under his breath. Wow (get it? WoW), I thought, he's really getting into this. I was a little worried but told myself it would pass. It didn't. Boy was I relieved when I found out that he wasn't talking to himself but to his good buddies, Jon & Erik. See, they live in Mpls. and he lives here but with the amazing WoW technology they can play know, like real people! Amazing!

Anyways. That's what my husband is sucked into these days nights. I am loving the opportunity to give him all sorts of crap but also looking forward to this little addiction wrapping up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

this could have ended badly

but it ended in the best way possible.

a good idea (this is Braden, our new 9 year old neighbor)
a hesitant passenger
the proper gear (I found brand new elbow, wrist & knee pads for him at d&s)
the farthest it went

James was scared. Braden promised to go slow and then started telling him it wouldn't be a fun day unless he did it. (he's really a nice kid, but still a kid, you know?) I stepped in and (quietly) told James that I thought he would be really safe, that Braden would go slow, but that he should never do anything that he doesn't want to do, no matter what his friends might say. (oh my, was I really just saying those words to my child? How can we be at this point already?) He thought about it a minute and told Braden, "No thank you." Braden was disappointed but kind and we detached the sled from the bike. I was really proud of him as I went inside to put Ruby down for her nap.

A little while later I heard laughter and rolling wheels outside my bedroom window. I looked out and saw Braden running, pulling James on the sled behind him, both of them laughing.

I was proud of him then, too.


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admiring, part one

scrabble tile pendant, may order from here (huge selection, great prices), or could try to make my own via here
tail, from here (but I would try to make), heard about here

fabric, will probably purchase here, at an etsy shop run by this lovely woman
book, reminded of here, first heard about (and promptly forgot) last year all over blogland when it came out in the UK
airplane mini cake pan (seen here)


ankle biter
where is everyone?

A few more pictures from yesterday for starters.

Yesterday was also our 13th anniversary! Kate & Oliver watched the kids for a couple hours last night so we could have a romantic dinner at...Quaker Steak & Lube! Wha?! I know. That place was not a good choice but I had never been there and it was close to Patrick's office so I suggested it. We almost left but then our buzzer went off and hunger won out. We ended up with a Harley over our head, the guy next to us sucking wings clean and talking about all the pooping he would be doing today (not. kidding.) and a hair in my quesadilla. Nice. I shared Patrick's onion rings and cheeseburger and that was pretty tasty. At the end of the meal they gave us a scratch off ticket and a survey. (ha!) Patrick wondered what the prize would one hair get one free? Nice. We laughed a lot and went for a long walk afterwards. Halfway through the meal I thought that I should have showed up in my wedding dress. Oh my gosh, he would have DIED. Maybe next year. We said a quick prayer before we ate (pre-hair discovery or I wouldn't have been as thankful for my meal), "Thank you Lord for this food and for the last 13 years together." Amen to that.

Other random things that have cracked me up lately.

J: Mom, we are best friends. You can play with me whenever you want because I pretty much play every day here.

Patrick saying we could stage a mock birth after I said that was one thing I would be sad not to experience again.

R: (in the sand box) EWWWW! This is not really a cake! (uh, no kidding, Rubes.)

R: (to anyone listening) I'm going to fly you in my hopacopter and kick you in the jet! (sweet thing)

more later. xoxo
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We need to stop now. Look at us!

I had such a nice time today and I'm so happy we all survived such a large gathering. And enjoyed it, too! Thanks guys.

ETA: I was totally kidding with the "we need to stop now"! It's crazy but perfect. :)
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still alive

Just popping in quickly to say I am still alive. And exercising! Just no time to post. I will this afternoon, promise.


Friday, August 22, 2008

somebody stop me!

Actually, I think I'm about done now. I met Kari at the fabric store on Wednesday to pick up my gorgeous bracelet (that I will show you's downstairs in my purse and I am feeling quite lazy) and I picked up some gorgeous fabric as well. I knew I had to use this fabric for me and I decided a skirt would be fun to try.

All I did was copy another simple skirt I have. It's got an elastic waist and a seam up the back. I made a trim out of the same fabric for the bottom. When I laid it out I was about 1/4" short on fabric at the bottom hem but wasn't sure if it would matter. Of course it did and the bottom was all jacked up. I tried to fix it a couple ways (slit, v thing) that didn't work and suddenly had the idea to just sew a new seam, taking about a 1/2" in, up the back. Surely the simplest solution, though the last one I thought of, and it worked like a charm. The skirt fits a little bit better now anyways. Yay! My first skirt. Now I need a long sleeved orange shirt to complete this fall look.

We also had the messiest art time this morning. While Ruby immersed herself in her favorite medium, glitter glue, and James did sponge painting, I made our little wooden family. I've seen these around etsy and thought they were so adorable. (see some here and here.) Mine are not nearly as fancy but they were fun to make with what I had on hand...wooden beads & old spools. We are planning on cutting out little clothes for us soon.

I had a good work out this morning with my new 3 lb weights. We had spaghetti for dinner the other night, effectively removing the weight from my "weights." Glass jars are kind of hard to hold onto when your hands are sweaty, anyways.

Happy weekend, everyone! xoxo
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I just had to show you a peek at some of the fabric I've scored recently. The dancing girls, polka dots & the twenty leagues under the sea ones are my favorites. Oh, the lovely possibilities...
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Thursday, August 21, 2008


My Morning Glories started blooming over the weekend. Here is one last night:

And then here is what I woke up to. Actually, they were half way opened at about 6:30 when I woke up and by 7:00 they were like this. So lovely.

I'm extra glad I took the pictures because by 10:00 they were almost all on the ground. Someone picked them but no one will admit to it. :( Good thing there will be more tomorrow.)

Since Patrick cemented the swing set in it is low enough for miss Ruby to reach. I love how she brings her animals out with her. (They go in the pool, too, and then on the line...she doesn't like that so much.)

And I just couldn't resist this tiny little bum.

I tried Billy Banks Tae Bo for my first time this morning. I got his new Get Celebrity Fit work out and man, was it hard. I did 30 minutes of the 45 and quit because I couldn't keep up and was tired of punching in place. I loved it but it was too fast moving. I think the second time will be a little's almost comical getting my arms & legs to work together so quickly. He'll show you some fun move and I'm all good, counting out my 8 reps, and then he'll yell, "Okay, double time, let's go!" And I start to cry.

I had coffee with my neighbor again this morning and even though our kids were like wild animals (at 9am), it's so nice. I feel like such an adult having coffee with my neighbor. I really like her and am glad she's next door.

I really like my kids, too, but I wish they were next door sometimes. heehee.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

where's tom?

Aside from when we were just at home, I haven't mentioned my Dad for a while. That's because he's been feverishly working on another rare Tbird ever since we got back from Barrett. He's going to hang onto this one for a couple of years before bringing it to auction. It is gorgeous. This photo doesn't show the color very looks like a thick vanilla malt to me.
He just got back from another big auction in California. (as a spectator) This picture of him behind Jay Leno CRACKS ME UP. Look at the look on his face. He is so cute. (my dad, not Jay.)

And here he is with the Italien, now featured at the Blackhawk Museum in California.



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