Tuesday, September 30, 2008

little pumpkins

I love making pillow slipcovers. Fast & adorable projects like this are why I wanted to start sewing.

I did rearrange the living room again yesterday and am in the midst of removing all traces of summer from our home. Patrick was so cute when he came home last night...he is just as much of a sucker for cozy as I am.


(pictures soon...as soon as I get my butt in gear and finish!)

quilters gone wild

my first stop on Friday:

getting started:the first night, zoe & henry:
a finished halloween banner:
all I could see of kari:
out on the deck, saturday:
our towels hanging up to dry: (I forgot my towel, thus the shirt hanging up to dry)
getting a little messier now: (yes, that is a mixing bowl full of m&ms)
adorable little acorns found on our walk:
large room full of women sewing: (and cutting and talking and snacking and laughing)
the new camp labyrinth: (very zen like but took forever)

I'm not sure if I'll get to a whole recap of our weekend but to sum it up, it was lots of fun. I loved the atmosphere, lots of happy & creative women, the camp was wonderful, the weather was great, and my roomies were awesome. I got a lot done but didn't push myself, just did what I felt like doing. It was neat to get input from my friends on my projects and to see how everyone works. I even sold a scarf and a halloween banner! (to kari & zoe...my best customers.) ;) We did a gift exchange on Saturday night and I thought I'd get stuck with this horrible rose diffuser thing but luckily somebody else stole it from me. whew. I know this is rambly & choppy but I am trying to hurry. Got to go get Jamesy! xoxo

ruby's tuesday (with oreos)

"let's lay on our tummies, mama."
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Friday, September 26, 2008

getting ready

conked out with super bear
bath time bubles
prepping for the weekend
Do you still think they're stupid, mom? (the little trees above, not the kids below)
(pattern & idea from this lovely blog)
a little breakfast smackdown
back off, sister
played the tube whistle ALL THE WAY TO MADISON.

Well, I got almost everything done that I wanted to and am ready to go! Almost ready. I still have to exercise (after Dora) and shower. Then I am outta here! I am leaving a little early to do a few errands and then going to Zoe's at noon.

I don't really have much else this morning...kinda tired. Both kids conned their way into our bed halfway through the night and then Ruby woke up at 6:20. "Is it good mornin' time, mom?" Um, no Ruby, not really.

I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week! I'm sure I'll have lots of wild sewing stories to share. :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

apple & raspberry picking

i kill myself

(what we came home to Saturday night)
(tired & dirty)

(little buddy)

Haha, I was laughing so hard when I posted that funky picture of me earlier. (kind of like up there) I was trying to take a nice self portrait on Sunday and BOY HOWDY are there some good outtakes. (actually they are practically ALL outtakes but whatevs.)

I'm not sure who I'm kidding but I have SO much to do before I leave on Friday and I am in slouch/procrastination mode. I'm wondering when my drive is going to kick in. My exercises actually had me tearing up this morning while Ruby laid beside me giggling while she did hers. (little witch.)

Oh yeah. My mom thinks she's all cool now that she overcame her fear of word verification on the comments. Expect to see lots of hilarious little asides from her.

Last week when I was lamenting the end of clothes drying season, Kari suggested that I hang them out all year long. Well, guess what? That's what my mom does!!!!! Can I be ANY more like her?? geez. It is a good idea, Kari, but a girl can only go so far down certain roads. (certain OLD roads) HAHAHAHAHA!

Good thing I'm in a good mood or else my to do list might make me cry. I actually started a fun project this morning though, one that I am nearly done with and that, my friends, is a very good thing.


you are getting very sleepy

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

little nuggets of perfection

I'm making that little noise I make when I really want something. Of course Williams-Sonoma would come up with something this perfect. bastards.

After my fun & delicious Girls Night Out ($16 for cheese fondue, a salad, and chocolate fondue) at The Melting Pot last night, I kind of want one of these, too:But somehow I don't think the Intermediate Yogilates routine I did this morning will cancel out the 4,000 calories I ate last night. I can't do this yet, either:

Monday, September 22, 2008

can you see it now?

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starting the day off right

Well, I am back to making myself exercise before blogging. I seem to have no will power, which I did know from the last 30 some years of life but thought might have changed, and that really works for me. Good thing I am honest or I'd really be in trouble. I did do okay the last couple of weeks but not great...only 3 times a week. My friend Rebecca made a commitment to exercise EVERY DAY for the next year. Woo Hoo! Way to go, Rebecca! :)

We had a great weekend, blah, blah, blah. More on that later, maybe.

I don't have much time now but wanted to say good morning!! xoxo

Friday, September 19, 2008

operation: save her from herself

(I look like I smelled something bad here but I hadn't. I think I was having a premonition about what was to come.)

I decided late morning that we should go for a little ride. The kids wanted the zoo playground again and I thought we could make a pit stop at d&s on the way home. Ruby fell asleep on the way. This made me nervous but I decided to be hopeful instead...maybe she will last longer now. heehee.

Our visit began quite pleasantly. I had told them one ride on either the carousel or the train and they both picked carousel, no fighting. After that we had our lunch and they hit the playground. After about an hour we sat down for a snack and our friend Buran arrived with his kids. About 3 minutes later Ruby bit the heck out of my arm because I wouldn't let her polish off the last of the lemonade. About 3 minutes after that, after hemming and hawing and hoping she would calm down, I apologized to Buran and said we'd have to go.

sigh. No nice chat, no dig & save, no nuthin. Just one screaming child and another one resigned to being her brother. And then you know what? She stayed awake the whole.way.home. Whining and crying and shrieking while James drifted off to sleep very sweetly. It worked out for the best, though, I realized as I carried her in. I got her some water (because she WAS SO DAMN THIRSTY) and brought her directly up to her room. All I said was, "Hmmmm. How sad, Ruby." as I laid her down and shut the door.

I just got another love & logic book from the library and was reading it this morning. One of his examples was clearly Ruby and I. Now, Ruby is only 2 and is still getting molars and does go in and out of these awful periods but still! I cannot let her get away with whining and hollering every request. (which she does a lot right now and has been getting a "reminder" from us to ask nicely. yeah, right.) I must deal with this, every time, and teach her an important lesson now that will save her from a lifetime of repulsive behaviour. It is my duty! As her mother!

yuck. I hate having to work so hard as a mom sometimes...to stay on top of things so much. It's so much easier when they are just good, you know? hahaha. But the Love & Logic idea, which I totally agree with, is let them make the mistakes now, when the consequences are small (time in their crib, leaving the zoo), instead of when they're older and the consequences will be far worse. (no friends, fired from job, no friends, kicked out of house, etc.)

(When I write posts like these does it come across that I am half kidding? That I am serious about the issue at hand (ruby's behavior) but joking about the drama of dealing with it? I hope so. It helps me to joke about stuff.)

My pictures are very representative of our first hour at the zoo. If I could have photographed us on the way to the parking lot, it would have looked something like this:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

friday already?

Yesterday was the first morning since James started preschool that felt like I wanted it to. It involved eating breakfast with Ruby while listening to some good music, hanging & inhaling 3 loads of laundry, sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, Ruby, and a big stack of books. It was so nice. We spent the afternoon at a playground with our friends, also very nice. I feared I wouldn't be the best company but went anyways and had a good time. I was buoyed by the beautiful day, conversation, and tiny new adorable baby that I got to hold.


The first person I called after James saw the doctor on Tuesday was my brother. He dealt with some crazy hive action last Easter and told me he has since been diagnosed with "chronic hives." huh. who knew? He's done lots of research and told me that what he reads over and over from hives sufferers is that the BEST thing you can do is try to forget about them. Mind over hives, essentially. This is easier said than done when the little buggers are itching so badly.

On Wednesday afternoon James came down from his room after quiet time. He had some hivey stuff going on that morning and we had been at an apple orchard (in the hot sun) all afternoon. (pictures soon, promise!) I asked him to take his shirt off so I could see. We exclaimed how his skin was almost entirely clear and got to playing Legos. Within 5 minutes, I KID YOU NOT, his whole torso was littered with hives. Just mentioning them to James caused him to think about them which caused them to appear! It was crazy...right before my eyes. Needless to say I haven't asked him about them since. I peeked at his body last night while he was sleeping and he was all clear. So strange.


Well, it's a gorgeous day. I have 2 more loads ready to go out on the line.

*Side note here: Hanging laundry out is my favorite part of my morning. Even better than coffee now. What am I going to do when I can't do it? sniffle.

James is a little sniffly, I can hear him sneezing downstairs. Ruby and I are designing her scary monster tshirt (with her as my muse although she doesn't get that. must entertain self somehow.). Patrick and I have that babysitter coming tomorrow night and now also get to have a really nice dinner at a popular local restaurant courtesy of my neighbors. Patrick is fixing their computer for them and they thanked him with a generous gift certificate. So unexpected and sweet.



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