Tuesday, November 25, 2008

we wish...

a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

See you next week...xoxo!
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ruby's tuesday

R: Is it good morning time?
S: yes, ruby.
R: I wanna diaper change and pull my pants down (the elastic was riding up on her calf) and some water and a graham cracker and some peaches and yogurt and my bear.
S: are you hungry this morning?
R: yes. and I want some sunbutter and orange juice. please, mom, can I have that stuff?
S: yes, ruby.
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Monday, November 24, 2008

hiding out

I let James stay home from school this morning because of the snow and I'm so glad I did. It's almost gone!
Lots of sunshine out there. (never a bad thing, unless you are an almost 5 year old boy who only wants to play in the new snow.)

In typical Monday fashion, a list:

  • I fell asleep at 6:30 Saturday night and slept until 7:00 Sunday morning. awesome. needed it.
  • Patrick took the kids out Saturday morning so I could have some time here alone to sew. I spent nearly all of it making homemade bias tape. (ala bend the rules sewing) It was complicated (at first) and time consuming but turned out soooo pretty. Then I realized I didn't really need tape cut on the bias so today I spent, oh, about 15 minutes making lots of straight binding. (ala alicia) Live and learn.
  • The kids love Dick's Sporting Goods. They both became quite comfortable with escalators last night.
  • Patrick made me hot chocolate last night at midnight. The diet coke at dinner/afternoon nap combo (yes, I slept even more on Sunday) left me WIDE awake until then. The cocoa did the trick...I was sleeping within minutes.
  • Patrick has to go out of town again. sigh. I'm happy for him (because he made something awesome that they are installing for one of their biggest clients) but sad for me because it is NEXT WEEK. The week before my crafty debut.
  • BUT! I am right on track with my ALL NEW to-do list. I made it up last night and am ahead of the game as of right now. There is also a little elf up in Duluth doing some handiwork for me. xoxo
  • Here's a hint: Make up to do lists as you go along, that way you are always right on track!
  • Strangely, on my new list last night I left T-W-Th blank...planning ahead for whatever might happen. And it already happened! That's cool.
  • Going to the Cities on Wednesday! Get to see tons of people we love, stay in an awesome hotel, shop at ikea, and have turkey! So fun!!
  • James & Ruby played a new game today: James was the Dad and Ruby was the baby and the baby had to take her nap in a very dark room, over and over. The baby would only talk to her Dad and would not leave her room. Um. Wait a minute. How did they figure out the one game I had only ever dreamt of them playing?!?
  • For clarification...James didn't get burned during our Great Marshmallow & Candle Adventure. He got singed. He was fine 30 seconds later, just smelled a little charred. (haha!)

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not as planned

After this little event James looked at me and said, very seriously, "This was still a very good idea, mom."

snow day

a couple bowls of cereal later:

we kick off the season of mitten problems immediately:


Sunday, November 23, 2008

5 years ago

DSC00102.jpg, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

This picture was taken at our baby shower for James, a little over 5 years ago.

awwww. Patrick ironed my shirt for me that morning and got a big scorch mark on the back. I think that was the last time either one of us has ironed any clothing item.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

hello there

S: I'm sad because there were 2 things on Craigslist that I really wanted for Ruby and I didn't get them.
P: What? A tranquilizer gun and a bear trap?
S&P: hahahhahahhahahhahaha
P: A Hannibal Lecter mask and a cage?
S&P: hahahahhahahhahahha!


S: (finishing up Away in a Manger before bedtime)
R: Mom, I will give the little Lord Jesus a toy. And part of my cracker.


R: I'm almost a boy, Mom! Then I will be a dada and GO TO WORK.
S: (quietly, to self) promise?


I know I had some cute James stuff to remember but I forgot it. sigh. Maybe it will come to me later.

I took Ruby & myself to Starbucks and the thrift store this morning. It was very nice and I was happy to get out for a while. My neighbor's son is here for the afternoon so I knew we'd be in the rest of the day. I usually am happy to stay home every other day and today was a GET OUT day. I am awfully predictable.

We have been working on decorating for Christmas a little bit every afternoon. James & I go digging around in the basement once Ruby is down for her nap...he LOVES it and is very excited to be helping. It's fun to see what he remembers already.

I am really happy with how this turned out. I got this huge gift bag at Target last year at 75% off. I loved it and was just going to hang it on the wall by the handle but then had the idea to put it in this frame. It was a little small so I cut a border from some red fabric I had. So cute!!! eek! It's one of those things I keep looking at because I love it so much. (James says it's adorable. Patrick says he's hanging out with me too much.)
Have I told you about my daughter, Ruby? Well, Ruby & vintage glass ornaments don't mix. In order to enjoy my favorite old balls (hehe) and some favorite new ones (polka dots are from martha last year) I am fashioning a valance of sorts in my kitchen window. They look so pretty and are another thing that makes me happy to see. I have about half left (tying them is putzy and I am impatient) and am then going to weave some vintage mini garland around the top of the tension rod.

My kids need to eat. Seriously, it's after 1pm. What is wrong with me?! Oh yeah, they had a few beef sticks at noon so they're fine. ;) xoxo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

last friday night at the Y

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I wanted to sit here all day, with him.
James & his new wolf pup sheets. "But I don't like wolf pups," he complained. Who doesn't like wolf pups??
Ruby choosing her outfit. Luckily she got yogurt on her chosen pj shirt so I got to put the owl shirt back on her.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

a way in which to remind myself

1109 049, originally uploaded by stephaniekg.

how much I love this little person that I just had to drag screaming & writhing out of the library.

Ruby, last November.

God give me strength. :)

dude, he brought the pie.

They showed this little clip at church last night and I thought it was SO GOOD. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do here, or make anyone feel guilty or anything like that, but I had to share it. If you believe everything good in your life comes from God, have a sense of humor, and have ever had a hard time with tithing, this is such a good illustration. Patrick and I laughed so hard and I know that "the pie" will be a joke with us for sometime.

Okay, onto other boring random information about me.

How about a list? We haven't had one of those in a while.

  • Patrick was in DC for 4 days last week, returning late Saturday night. It is sooooo good to have him home. We missed him. xoxo
  • I FINALLY got some loooooong overdue items in the mail this morning. If you have been expecting something from me ( you know who you are...yes, you!) they are on the way. Yay!!! :)
  • I have been madly organizing my home and mildly working on Craftacular stuff. Must switch that around this week.
  • I have gotten some Christmas shopping done and am feeling good about that, too. We had our budget for gifts this year and then just agreed on a percentage to take off the top and give to our church for the Advent Conspiracy collection. I thought it was a good way to do it as we don't even miss the money when it's gone from the start and it will be fun to explain to the kids how our family helped provide another family with clean water. Must do something local, too. What are you guys doing?
  • I hesitate to post about what we're giving or doing because I hate to sound like I'm tooting our horn here. I post because I know how hard it is to give sometimes, even if you really want to, and the way we did it worked for us so I wanted to share that. Okay? I hope so.
  • Rolos are on sale 3 bags for $7 at Target this week. If you're going to make pretzel turtles for the holidays, now is the time to stock up!
  • Kari is knitting the most adorable mini stockings I have EVER seen. Here they are...you should get to the Craftacular EARLY if you want one...they're going to go fast!
  • xoxoxo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

thursday update

The last couple nights James has wanted to exercise with me. We got home from a fun dinner out at the mall (ha!) last night and this is what he wanted to do. I put on the lower body workout as I had never seen it and half-heartedly joined him. How could I tell him mama had already done upper body earlier and was therefore done getting stronger for the day?

You can see Ruby there, tangled up in my resistance band. It is pretty funny to watch the 2 of them trying to keep their balance while doing side lunges. To be honest, it's pretty funny watching all 3 of us. Shortly after this picture was taken James shed his pants. Whooee, he said, I sure am getting warm.


Ruby & I were invited to a playgroup with local moms this morning. I really like Wendy, the one that invited us over (her daughter is in school with James) and it was fun to meet some other women and their 2 year olds. Their 2 year olds who are all much sweeter than Ruby. sigh. They assured me that their kids turn bright red and let steam out of their ears too, but I'm not so sure I believe them. At one point this sweet little blond girl gave Ruby the inflatable Dora that she had been begging for since the other girl picked it up. We were all praising this other girl for sharing and one mom said, "Yeah, so-and-so is just an ANGEL." We silently looked from this angelic child, smiling sweetly over her good deed, to my messy haired red head, busy hauling away the life size Dora like some sort of big cat after a kill. That's my girl! I thought to myself and checked the clock.

I was happy to be included today and hope that we'll continue to meet up with some of these women. Today also really made me appreciate the friends in our lives already. I always do appreciate them but it's not always so glaringly clear what a HUGE gift it is to have them. To know them & their kids, to be able to be myself with them and to (usually) not have to be embarrassed about what my kid just did. Thanks guys. xoxo

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

books, workouts & candy

This book is different, but good. Not good enough for me to keep reading it every night, though. Kind of "last resort" good:

ruby's version of the cover:This book is fantastic. I just finished it a little while ago after letting ruby watch TV all morning. I need to find the series created by the BBC now:
This book looked & sounded really good but reads really trashy. Not going to finish it:
This book is lovely but I had forgotten what a creepy story this is:
This is my go-to workout when I want to feel like I did something but am too lazy to commit to anything longer. The workouts are great and you can do more than one if you are feeling peppy:
I just got this yesterday from the library and was so excited to try it. I did the core section last night and was not let down. My abs are hurting in ways that are new to them. Thanks, Jackie.
On a final and totally unrelated note, look at these adorable candy bar molds I found! I made this recipe for white chocolate last night and it worked like a charm. Too bad it doesn't taste very good. Too sweet for sure...I'm going to try less sugar & more powdered soy milk next time. Love the molds, though.

tuesday, 5:30pm

Ruby napping, James deciding on dinner...life is good.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

for lack of anything else...

Here's a look at what I've been working on. I am totally loving felted sweaters and it has been a lot of fun playing around with them. These wine bags are made from sweater sleeves. I've also got 20 scarves ready to be topstitched and 40 some small trees done. I have a couple other items that I'll keep under my hat until they come to fruition, but I am hopeful.

It's such a strange feeling, getting ready for the Craftacular. I literally have NO idea what to expect. I go between loving what I've made and being certain I'll sell something to telling myself to be prepared to sell nothing. Or what if I don't have enough...and I sell it all?! It's an exciting kind of bewilderment, I'm not complaining.
This is fun, to have a project for myself.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

i was lying.

I did take this little gem on the way to church yesterday.

Come on, I get bored, it's a long drive!

Will someone please make me go get my eyebrows separated?!
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good afternoon

Ruby complained the whole way to church yesterday afternoon.

R: I don't want to go to the orange room!
S: But Ruby, you have so much fun there.
R: No!
S: You make all that fun stuff, remember? The fishie, the sheep, the puppet?
R: I don't wanna make nuthin'!

1.5 hours later...

R: Mama, mama! Lookit! I made a mirror!!


I'm sorry mother but there aren't any other pictures to add to this post. We had a great weekend. Patrick was home all weekend!! Yay! He watched the kids so I could have Saturday to myself. I spent the day with Kari, talking and sewing...it was really, really fun. (thank you, Kari!) Yesterday we stayed in all day until church, all of us just at home. ahhhhhh.

I am busy sewing today, too, so I'm not feeling very chatty. See you tomorrow. xoxo
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Friday, November 07, 2008


Patrick and I had a good laugh last night about the tampon incident. Like a couple of you who commented, I too have put James off on those questions so many times. I'm glad I just finally told him...it was worth any awkwardness that I felt. heehee.

Oh! And did you see I mentioned my husband? He's back! Those flippin confocal microscopes FINALLY are on their way to DC. Sadly, he will join them next week but only for a few days. I'm just glad that's over. He is, too, as he is feeling lousy. No wonder! No sleep, no fresh air, no exercise, no good food, 2 small kids=germ heaven. Last night he answered all my prayers and actually said these words, "Bunny. Why don't you ever get sick?"

Feel free to join me in hysterical laughter.

How would you have answered that? Here is the path I took: (said quickly, with excitement, not sure when I would lose him)

Because I can't! Moms don't get sick! Who would do our job? We would just suffer more than we already do! (hee!) And besides, (really gearing up here) you don't take care of yourself! You don't blah blah blah blah or blah like I always tell you to!

I paused here and heard a soft snore coming from the couch. I'm so glad he's back.

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