Wednesday, December 31, 2008

one foggy night last week

thomas & patrick:
I have always loved watching this man play pool:
miss erin:
silly siblings:
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

christmas morning combo

The kids always beg for these baby cereal boxes at the grocery store so I was sure they would be thrilled to find them under the tree on Christmas Eve. Er...not so much.
But Christmas morning? It was the first thing James went for...even before the Santa presents.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Friday, December 26, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

today I feel the crunch

So. Today is a busy day but so far our good spirits remain in tact. I think I want this every year...Patrick on vacation and tons of snow and bad weather before really brought on the joy over here. You can't help but to relax when you're snowed in, right? Right now Patrick is putting insulation in in our lower level (!!) and I am washing, hanging & fluffing all the bedding. Oh, and I have to get the groceries and Ruby's hair is matted beyond belief, and the rest of the house (aside from the bedrooms) looks like a pile of shizzle. BUT most of my family will be here tomorrow and that is sooooo exciting. (Thomas & Erin are coming on Wed.)

Anyways, I'm sweating and better get back to it. I'll pop in later when my head starts spinning around. :) (because it will at some point, I'm quite certain.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

snowed in

A pretty nice day except for the fact that Ruby got another cold!! Poor girl. No time to talk, finishing Christmas cards. (finally.) xoxox
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Friday, December 19, 2008


I did it! I got everything finished, wrapped, packaged and mailed yesterday morning. Just in time, too, as our post office closes for lunch (I know, can you believe that?) at 11:30...I got there at 11:20. :) My cards aren't done yet but I might get those finished today. We are probably snowed in for the day. It's sunny out but we did get a lot of snow last night. (8inches?)

After the great mail-off we met some friends at a McDonald's PlayPlace and ended up staying for nearly 3 hours. I had a really nice time, we were all happy to see our buddies. I brought the kids home and all 5 of us then slept until 5pm. (patrick was working downstairs (!!) but was totally down with the nap idea) When we got up the snow hadn't started yet so we decided to, what else? Go to Target. We stocked up on baking supplies and frozen pizza for the big storm. I should have bought some DayQuil. My cold reached a new level today leaving me feeling a little fuzzy. I am always amazed at how often I can blow my nose. Seriously!! It's sick. (haha, get it?)

Anyways, here is the shoulder bag I made using a great tutorial from tiny happy:

2 simple bibs using this tutorial:

and a couple more of Ruby's recent set-ups:

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's almost 11pm

What am I still doing up?? Well, in case you didn't know, Christmas is next week and I realized this morning that I had some sewing I wanted to do for some people that live far away. I know, I'm shaking my head at myself.

I did get 2 of the gifties done (and watched Top Chef) and only have one wee one to finish in the morning. My goal is to get all packages in the mail tomorrow...all 7 of all of my cards finished and sent.

The stuff I have been doing has been so much fun I haven't really been paying attention to my to do list. I think of it like this: having Patrick home on vacation is like a vacation for me as well, so I've been enjoying it as much as I can. I love having him around....even when he puts the rugs back in the wrong spot and puts my good shirts in the dryer. :)

But really, I do need to snap out of it now and get that stuff mailed! Christmas is next week!!! xoxo

darn it!

The title of this post TOTALLY should have been, "that's how I rolo"

get it??? How did I miss that one?

6:25 am

all is calm, all is bright

(also? all is slightly crooked)
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

that's how I roll

Yesterday afternoon was all about the pretzel turtles.
I went a little wild this year and used GREEN icing.
I know, I can hardly stand it.

(Sometimes in Picasa I can't get the words not to be centered, sorry.)

There is more snow on the agenda for the afternoon and I'm kind of glad since most of the other stuff melted on Sunday. Patrick is home with us for the next 2 weeks and it is unbelievably nice having him here.

We put up our tree yesterday.

I feel like posting but also feel rushed as we have an allergist appt. this morning for James to (hopefully) get a flu shot.

Instead of continuing on with these choppy sentences, I will sign off.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

one of my favorite things

Ruby sets her babies up for their naps in cozy little spots all over the house. I love when I find one. xoxoxo
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Friday, December 12, 2008

get up, it's FRIDAY!!

I don't have a lot of time and I know my mom is pissed sad because I was absent yesterday so here are some pictures.

trimming their mini tree:I've made a few changes since I took this but the entertainment center decor is finally coming together. (man, I can't wait to ditch this behemoth.)

I have to say I LOVE my felt sweater banner. There will be more of these next year. A favorite vintage card of mine. Can you believe I actually mailed these out one year? What was I thinking?!?! (kidding.) (kind of.)

I've been wanting to write a loving post about James at 5 but I don't think it's going to happen. Let's just say that I'm crazy about this boy. He's hilarious, sweet, thoughtful, funny, clever and so fun to be around. On the flip side, he is also experimenting with fiery indignation & sarcasm. Sometimes I find it hard to discipline him for being sassy because what he said was so spot on.

(Patrick is laying next to me, still not out of bed, and casually asked if I made pancakes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. (Has he missed the children brawling for the last hour??) Then he said the eggs I made him earlier in the week were the best he ever tasted. he's so cute. Then he told me not to blog about this. whatever.)

See the new suitcase tucked under there? love.

I forgot to tell you about this vintage lamp I also got at d&s on Monday. It was $1 and I love it. Luckily I had a red shade down in the basement to complete this whimsical holiday display. (barf. I'm kidding...I hate the word whimsical) (exhausted elf on a pile of plastic greenery also from d&s)I also love the reflection of my balls in the morning: (heehehehehhe)
James & I wrapped gifts yesterday afternoon. After the first one he didn't want my help and finished the other 5 I had to do.
I love the concentration.
And then Ruby woke up and they helped me make dinner. A dairy free tater tot hotdish!!! That is really good!!! You might scoff, but I love me some totdish. I tried making it with Golden Mushroom soup (Campbells, it's dairy free) and Tofutti sour cream...soooo good. I don't like a lot of soy stuff but I'm finding the Tofutti sour cream & cream cheese both have a mild flavor and are really good in stuff.

Okay, gotta go! xoxox

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

messy fun

These are a couple shots from some messy fun we had last week. Ruby & James both loved painting on the tiny canvases (bought on sale at JoAnn's for around $2) and James in particular was quite taken with the pipe cleaners. **Another reason why I love d&s...I pick up all the random art stuff I find and just let them at it.
As usual with Ruby, clean up took as long as the painting.

Here is my last minute Advent calendar that I made for the kids. I had it all planned out but was so tired on the 30th (the night we got home from Mpls) that I didn't spend a whole lot of time decorating the bags. Thank God for stickers. I filled the little sacks with fruit snacks, allergen free chocolate stars, holiday marshmallows, a few dollar spot trinkets, and coupons for things like putting up the tree, decorating the gingerbread house from gramma, dinner out, etc.

Today was bag #10 and James was all, "I already had candy canes!"
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

lookin' good

This is James with his new typewriter. It works! We just need a new ribbon. (this is how James likes to pose these days. Now that he's 5, you know.)
Here is a look at some of the awesome goodies I got on Saturday with a few of my other favorite things thrown in:

Bottlecap ornament from the lovely Naomi of Glitter Workshop:

glass birds I got at Target this year:
felt cherries from feltmates: (this is a cel phone charm but I am using it as an ornament)
I traded with Lily of ten finger workshop for the birthday girl and the robber (or roger, as james says) The little blonde girl I bought early in the day because I couldn't resist her...I'm so glad I got the courage up to ask Lily if I had anything she might want at the end of the show. :)
love the braids:
My mom beaded some of my cookies for me (the elaborate ones) and this one was my favorite so I kept it as an ornament. There will be more of these next them. I have a new fun idea I want to try, too!
Here is my little buddy from yesterday. Perfect, no?
My darling stockings from Kari. Love these. Keeping them both. I'm rotten. :)
This I got years ago when I did an ornament swap through the glitter boards on the original getcrafty website. I LOVED it then and love it even more now that I can fully appreciate all the work she did. (but I don't know who she is...are you out there??)
My other favorite from the glitter swap that year. Love it.
We are snowed in today. Patrick took the van, as it is great in the snow, so we are REALLY snowed in. (hyundai is here in case of emergency and I need to leave with the kids and get stuck on my way somewhere immediately. ha!)

We are going to make cookies and play outside. And drink coffee. I thought I had gone off of coffee but really it was just that the last Foldgers I bought was gross. I got a package of Caribou morning blend and it is seriously SO GOOD. Coffee & I are in love once again. (cue dramatic music)



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