10 things that have almost made me cry today

~thinking about James at all day kindergarten next year and how his childhood is as good as over

~reading this article

~listening to brandi carlile in the van. hear her here. thank you erin & thomas for recommending her to me, you were right!

~realizing I had leftovers for lunch (for all of us!)

~hearing a friend mention a big event for her child this week

~Jillian Michaels

~watching my kids play

~watching my kids fight

~ruby not napping

~a sweet email


  1. Jillian makes me almost cry too--but I'd have to have enough breath left to cry. I'm still huffing through Level 1 and am SCARED of 2 & 3!

  2. Thanks for the Brandi Carlisle link--listening to Heartache Can Wait for the first time and I am so touched. I have really been struggling lately, and this morning decided to go full-time Mom and leave my job behind. This has helped me tremendously today. "One more chance to be inspired. . ."


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