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I took the kids to mckee farms yesterday as it was fairly warm outside. (23 degrees) (but really windy) We hung in there for about an hour and had a nice time. I decided to drive out of the unplowed parking lot on the opposite side of where I came in. It looked snowy but not that snowy. I was wrong. We got stuck, really stuck.

I called Patrick and he left work to come and help us. A minute later I saw this parks truck heading around the shelter and waved at them. They did a u-turn and came back to see what the heck I was up to. They pulled up shaking their heads and laughing, but in a friendly way.

It took both of them, 2 big manly men, pushing (hard) and lots of driving back and forth to get me out. They made me promise not to do that again, reminded me that my van is not a 4wd (duh!) (I almost had it!), and went back to work. I had tried to call off Patrick but his phone wasn't working so the kids and I waited until he arrived. He just saw us there, on the side of the road, not stuck, and gave me his special smile. He said he was afraid that might happen but was glad we were out.

The End.

(more pictures here)


Have a happy weekend, everyone! We are going sledding tomorrow as it's going to hit 30 degrees! woo hoo! rock on, winter!

(that last part is overkill but I'm trying here, folks)


  1. 30 degrees?!?! I'll be visiting you!!!!
    I think we may hit 20 something tomorrow. And we are excited for that (sigh...)

    So glad you were unstuck!

  2. Whew!

    Good for you for taking them out on an adventure.


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