baby it's dangerously cold outside

We are tucked in at home for the day as the temperatures are tooooo cold for me to be taking the kidlets out. 0 degrees is one thing but -17 degrees, without the wind chill? brrrrrr.

We'll be up to a lot of the same stuff as yesterday...some painting, a little sewing (yesterday I finished that heart garland in the above photo...maybe today will be a hot pad?), a little jumping around, a little tv, and a little pretending (the shocker has now turned into a milk truck) (I can't find a link to the set James has anymore but it's by Cranium...something like this).

Last night I went to the library when Patrick got home, just to get out for a few minutes. Then I called him while driving around the block to see if he needed anything from Target. He did (doritos) but I decided to just go to Sentry (right here in town) and wander around there for a while. Sometimes it's just good to be out, doesn't matter where. :)

The tempeh was actually baked tofu (not sure what the difference is) and it was fine. The texture will take some getting used to, for sure. James ate a few bites, Ruby ate none of it (nothing new), Patrick was not fooled (didn't eat it...ate some chicken instead) and I was fine for a while and then it grossed me out. I'm glad we tried it though, and think that everyone will eat the crumbled soy taco "meat" tonight. mwah ha ha.

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  1. Stay warm! I just bumped my heat up after reading your post! :-)

  2. Rachel Ray has a yummy indian tofu and spinach recipe if you are trying to eat more veggie meals. Its in the 365 cookbook (my bible), but you can probably google it too.

  3. Craig has a good Tofu Stir fry recipe if you want. And I have used tofu in lasagna and it was very good.

    I love the heart garland!!

  4. The harts are wonderful. Hope you stay warm.


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